We are Gemma and Campbell; amateur photosnappers, part-time bloggers and dedicated wanderlusters. When we are not trekking the map, we are dreaming of the next big adventure. This is all about us and what highlands2hammocks is!



About Us

Having saved a few pennies living in London, we quit our jobs and are now trekking our way around Europe.  Throughout our adventures, we will be posting thrilling tales, handy tips and other exciting material to keep you guys up to date with us. Our dream is to inspire everyone to take the leap and experience life the way it is meant to be lived. Any adventure is possible on a budget and we are here to show you how!

Travel opens the mind, and we hope our blog gives you the inspiration and determination to achieve your dreams!


About us
Home is wherever I’m with you



Who are We?!

Previously we were living in Southeast London, saving money and soaking up the big city culture. We are regular gym nuts and love an active and adventurous lifestyle. Having graduated as an engineer, Campbell was working as an intern at a chemical plant. Growing up as a competitive swimmer, he has always enjoyed sport and now plays rugby with the local team.

Gemma has been working as a nurse for 2 years and has a passion for fitness and nutrition. She also enjoyed playing for the local rugby team. Over the last year we experienced as much of the London life as possible while saving and planning for our round the world trip.



What does the Future Hold?

We are now full-time nomads, unemployed and homeless. How exciting!

Plans for the rest of 2018 involve exploring as much of the UK and Ireland as possible, before we trek over to mainland Europe and train around our favourite cities. Come November 2018, we will be heading down under to Australia, a destination that has been a dream of ours ever since we visited in 2014.


About us
Spectacular views on Fraser Island



Inspired Wanderlust

Ever since we met in 2013, we have always inspired each other to visit new places and push each other out of our comfort zones. In the summer of 2014 we began our first “long-term” trip down under to the sunny land of Australia. At the beginning of this trip we experienced our first period of a long-distance relationship (little did we know it wouldn’t be our last).

This adventure will always remain unforgettable, as despite it only lasting 3 months (which can be classed as more of a holiday than “travels”), it inspired us to explore each of these amazing places and more. It has given us an insatiable hunger to experience everything there is in this world; to see, taste and smell everything that we possibly can!


About us
The sun sets on north-west Wales


Since this life changing trip we have been to city breaks across Europe, lived in London and Guernsey for 12 months (again doing long distance) and Campbell has lived in Nancy for 4 incredible months. Everything seems to be a constant blur, with our heads never resting in one place for longer than a year.


Follow us on our round-the-world adventure and get inspired, learn from our mistakes and just enjoy all the thrills that life on the road brings.


Our Travel Checklist

Places we have been and things we have seen. Where have you been on this map?!



The desire to travel stems from the will to experience as much of the world as possible during our short time on this planet. As the saying goes


The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”


Gemma and Campbell






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