Best Spots for Hot Chocolate in Kingston

Being a lover of hot chocolate and a gal that feels the cold, it seemed suiting that whilst visiting a Canada in the snowy winter we heat up with a wee hot drink. We have particularly reviewed the cafes within close proximity to Market square as that is where we spent the majority of our time. This is your guide to the Best Hot Chocolate in Kingston!



Sipps – 33 Brock St.

Sipps was the first café we tried on our trip. Located across from the ice rink on the square and close enough to piggy back on to the free city hall wifi this small café had loads to offer. Their hot chocolate menu was extensive and it appeared they had extra options on offer for the ‘Feb-fest’ period. The hot chocolates we tried and their reviews:

‘polar plunge’ (Feb fest) – peppermint extract flavour ($4.95).

‘smoar’ marshmallows and cream ($3.95).


Sipps Cafe


taste – 10/10

size – 10/10

price – 9/10

wifi – 6/10

atmosphere – 7/10

selection – 10/10



Cacao 70 – 340 King St.

Cacao70 was the second hot chocolate stop of our tour. This is more of a high-end café, offering a wide selection of sweet and savoury brunches as well as a fondue! There was a small selection on offer, we chose the American style hot chocolate which came with marshmallows. The cosy atmosphere and good wifi here made it the perfect spot to watch some Six Nations rugby.

Hot chocolate and marshmallows – $5.95


Cacao 70


taste – 10/10

size – 4/10

price – 4/10

wifi – 10/10

atmosphere – 8/10

selection – 3/10




Coffee Co – 320 King St.

A simple take on the hot chocolate, not many frills but all the flavour! Another small coffee shop with a cosy atmosphere and friendly staff; if you like your hot chocolate basic this is a good stop for you!


taste – 9/10

size – 9/10

price – 8/10

wifi – 9/10

atmosphere – 9/10

selection – 1/10






Coffee and Company – 55 Princess St.

This coffee shop is just your classic setup, with lots of seats and a warm atmosphere. The hot chocolate itself was quite watery, and definitely rates at the lowest we tried.  Wifi is decent and the atmosphere is friendly, so if its just a coffee you fancy this is a good stop.

Small hot chocolate – $3.25


Coffee and Company


taste – 3/10

size – 6/10

price – 5/10

wifi – 7/10

atmosphere – 7/10

selection – 1/10



Musikki – 73 Brock St.

This had potential to be the cosiest, cutest café with a small live band and chilled vibes, however when we walked in it was as if we weren’t supposed to be there. We later heard someone say that it was weird seeing people that weren’t the norm in there so we felt slightly out of place. It was also small with not that many seats so we had to sit at the bar. There was only the one hot chocolate option in this café.


taste – 6/10

size – 8/10

price – 8/10

wifi – 9/10

atmosphere – 2/10

selection – 1/10


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