Budget Bites in Bari: Where to Eat Out in Bari?!

Italian food has always been our favourite food to chow down to, so what trip to Italy would be complete without sampling the local cuisines?! However, due to the tourist trap cities such as Rome and Florence , Italy has a bad reputation for being expensive when it comes to delicious food. Hence cue Bari! This southern city is currently sitting at the perfect balance between undiscovered and undeveloped. Here is your guide to where to eat out in Bari, without busting your budget!





When it comes to breakfast, Italy does not share the same enthusiasm for big brunches as the rest of Europe. However, there are certain cafes tucked away around the city where you can pick up a delicious pastry and coffee to start the day!


Café Italiano

Sitting right in the city centre, this authentic café has a huge selection of coffees, pastries, fruit juices and even smoothies, all for a very reasonable price! Our personal favourite from here are the Cornettos, a croissant that is stuffed to the brim with chocolate. Seriously, you will only be needing one of these to fill you up and get your day off to the perfect start.

The smoothies, hot chocolates and coffees are all a delicious way to get your day going as well. A large, fresh smoothie will cost you €4, an incredibly thick hot chocolate around €4 and a large coffee just €2.


Twins Café

Sitting slightly further from town is the hidden Twins Café. This sits about a 5-minute cycle from the train station and will give you a very cheap option for a huge breakfast. Delicious, fresh croissants, cheap (glass) bottled fruit juices and authentic Italian coffee, this café has everything you need. Our visit here saw us get 5 croissants, a fruit juice and a coffee for only €12!


Twins Cafe


Our favourite part of this café was the people and staff. Being further from the city centre, it is mostly locals that dine here making the experience much more special! The staff are all lovely as well.




During our visit to Bari, we mostly opted for a packed lunch by the water to drink in the beautiful scenery. Buying a cheap packed lunch is incredibly easy, with plenty of supermarkets sitting around the city centre and on the outskirts of the city.

A top tip for saving money is to head a little further from the centre to the shops on the outskirts, just beyond the train station. As soon as you go beyond this line, even the supermarkets seem to drop in price!


Istanbul Risto Kebab Shop

Another option for a delicious lunch is one of the many kebab shops located throughout the city. Don’t be put off by the thought of them being cheap, fast food; even the quality of Italian takeaway shops is incredible! A place we recommend you try is the Istanbul Risto Kebab restaurant, sitting right between the old and new towns.


Istanbul Kebab Shop


A hugely filling gyro wrap, chips and a drink will only cost you less than €8. More than enough to fill you up until a late, Italian dinner!




For dinners around the town, there are plenty of more expensive, fancy restaurants to choose from, however there are also a lot of cheap, delicious places as well! Don’t think a smaller price will mean a reduced quality when it comes to dinner. Italians don’t do anything in halves!


Castle Bar

Most of our favourite restaurants are located by the castle in the old town of Bari. With beautiful views and a buzzing atmosphere, you will be surprised by the price of the food here!

The cheap option is the Castle Bar, just across from the castle entrance, where you can get a pasta dish and a beer for just €8.50. Further along towards the port you will find a large selection of restaurants at a slightly higher price, however these are still very reasonable!


Bari Castle


As we said before, the quality of even the “fast food” shops in Bari are incredible! An option that we tried a little further from the city centre is the Pizzeria Antoine Di Savario Loconte. Located in Carbonara di Bari, it is about a 15-minute cycle from the city centre, but it is the perfect place to dine in if you are staying up this way. We arrived expecting a small takeaway shop and were treated to a fancy restaurant meal, with a huge starter, two pizzas and two drinks for less than €20!




So if you are planning a trip to Bari, don’t stress about finding affordable, delicious food choices. The city is bursting with them! Have a read at our other blog on a Budget guide to Bari for other tips on a cheap trip to this beautiful city.


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