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Camping Food Hacks and Recipes

As regular campers, we have been trying to come up with a bank of easy recipes to cook whilst on the road. When it comes to staying healthy on the road, nutrition plays a key part. The lack of equipment, utensils and space can make cooking while camping very difficult. Here are our best camping food hacks to help you along on your adventure!

In order to help store our food, we sometimes use a cool box. This can only be plugged in whilst driving or at a campsite with electric hook-up. If you are like us and are frequently on-the-go, with the car constantly stopping and starting, then it can be hard-work trying to keep your food chilled. Space for chilled foods is also limited so when it comes to thinking up meals, you need to choose wisely.

Depending on the trip will depend how over the top we go with our food. For our most recent North Coast 500 trip we stocked up a lot as we had heard there weren’t many shops on route, and the ones you do come across are expensive and isolated.

Dried foods and tins are a good shout for camping as you don’t have to restrict yourself when you eat them, as they will all keep for a long period of time. We stock up on things like rice, pasta, chickpeas, baked beans, soup and tuna. Our go to spices are normally salt, pepper, mixed herbs, oregano, basil and paprika.

Unfortunately, when it comes to milk, Campbell and I can’t agree, Campbell buys the UHT milk and I drink almond milk, so having both of these in our fridge takes up more room.

We bring two hobs and plenty of gas so we’re never caught short. We also take a selection of pans to cook with, and at least one lightweight plate to eat off of.

Below are some of our easy dinners that we cook whilst on the go.


Camping Food



Chickpea Chilli Burrito

Another veggie option, we use Chickpeas (drained), chilli seasoning, tin of chopped tomatoes, pepper, onion, cheese and throw it all into a wrap of your choice!





Veggie Thai Green Curry

A cheap veggie meal, easy to throw together and you can choose whatever veggies you want. We go for beansprouts, broccoli, pepper, onion and throw it together with Thai green curry paste and coconut milk.


Vegetarian Thai Green Curry



Pasta Chilli and Bacon

An old favourite of ours, all you need is Pasta, chopped tomatoes, tomato paste, onion, chilli, bacon, oregano and mixed herbs to taste.






Whatever you choose to throw on. Our favourite on a hot sunny day!





Veggie Tomato Pasta

Can you tell yet that we love cooking pasta when we’re camping?! It’s so easy to throw together. We love a tomato based pasta and all you need is pasta, passata, chopped tomatoes, tomato paste, mixed herbs, garlic granules, oregano, pepper, onion, aubergine and a courgette. Or a jar of tomato pasta sauce works too.



Pesto Pasta

Another one of our favourite, yummy through together pasta dishes. All you need is pasta, a jar of pesto and if you wish you can add spinach and tomatoes.


Pesto Pasta



There you have it, some quick easy and cheap camping meals. When you’re on the go without a fridge, it’s a lot harder to keep things fresh therefore find it handy to always keep some pasta and a jar of pesto, just in case we need it.

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