Food Corner

Alongside travel and adventure, we have a real passion for cooking. Having been competitive athletes since we were kids, our love for healthy, cheap foods helps us stay in shape and motivated for our fitness regime. Throughout our years on the road, we have compiled a huge list of incredibly easy and delicious recipes that are ideal for the busy life of a nomad.

Watch this space for some of our favourite recipes and the best cooking tips to make the creation of next meal an enjoyable (and delicious) experience!


Homemade Leftovers Pizza

If there is on thing certain in life, it is everybody’s love of pizza. Here is an incredibly easy and cheap recipe to use up your fridge leftovers for a delicious (and healthy) pizza dinner!


Pizza Recipe



Easy-peasy Spicy Hummus with Peri Oil

Our delicious, homemade hummus with spicy oil for toppings. A fantastic, easy recipe for a taste of Nandos in the comfort of your own home.


Hummus recipe






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