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4 Reasons You Should Solo Travel Before You Die

Travelling is bliss, ain’t it? You can leave all the worries and stress of life to wander around nature and admire the beauty in its purest form.


Solo Travel


There is no doubt why a person should travel; however, people have mixed thoughts when it comes to solo backpacking trips. It is not just fascinating but also full of uncertainties, i.e. you may need an extra pair of hands in case of danger or for some other help.

Do you look for adventure when you think of traveling to new places? What kind of adventure do you look for: sports or nature? One can have an adrenaline-spiking trip to Dubai and a relaxing trip in the wilderness. It is therefore evident that the purpose of the trip matters more than the chosen destinations.


Note: surveyed 20,500 global baby boomers and observed that 34% of them have claimed that solo trips were among the top five trips of their life because it helped them experience traveling to the fullest.


Solo Travel


Read ahead to know why it is essential for everyone to go on a solo adventure trip at least once in their lifetime.


To truly know yourself

If you are stuck in your personal and professional lives, then you need a weekend getaway soon. Getting stuck at a point in life for a long period will hinder personal growth. You may also become ignorant about the pain points as well as valuable opportunities that are present in your life. Going to an expedition with loved ones is an excellent way of de-stressing yourself; however, a solo trip is better to know yourself because only then you will not focus on others & their behaviors and focus only on yourself. Knowing oneself is essential to growing as a person.



Challenging yourself

Are you yearning for something exciting and different? It is never too late to pack your bags and challenge yourself. You may be in your 30s, 40s or even 50s; however, that should not stop you from recognising the amazing benefits of going on an adventure trip. As already mentioned above, the challenges increase in a solo trip. So, if you are planning to challenge yourself, then what’s better than an adventure-filled backpacking trip.




Everyone wishes to escape the hard times in life, right? It is impossible to run away from the pain points forever; however, you can avoid them for sometime happily. Adventure trips to the mountains and wilderness can help you de-stress yourself as well as escape from the challenging times for a brief period. They may also give you the courage to face those situations with a better mindset and solution, so never be afraid to go on a solo trip; be it a camping or hiking getaway. All you need for your gear are either the best knives for camping and/or a perfect pair of hiking boots for your getaway.



To get a peace of mind

The stress and worries in life will not be forgotten if you stay in the same place, so pack your bags and go away. If you are too upset about a situation in your life, then you should choose a destination that offers adrenaline-spiking activities and relaxing sites, and only then will you be able to get a peace of mind. Don’t go with your friends or family because that may attract negativity as well. Go alone and know how to untangle your life and ensure utmost happiness & satisfaction when you return.


Solo Travel



Travel tips to ensure a perfect trip

● When you are going on a solo trip, you have to keep in mind that you may get bored, so plan it accordingly.
● Don’t make it too adventurous for yourself because a solo trip also means that you will not have anyone to take care of you, in case you get hurt.
● Don’t forget to keep a rain poncho, one of your best camping knives, food & water supplies and a compass, if your weekend getaway is to the jungles.
● Pack light to make sure that you don’t stress yourself down.
● Know your grounds to avoid losing your way or missing out on something worthwhile.
● Don’t forget to keep a first-aid kit and special medication, if you have any because the worst thing that can happen is getting ill in such a situation.


Solo Travel


Life is an adventure, and we all shall cherish every second of it. So, grab your bags and get lost in the adventure!


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  • Nomad Emma

    I love this and totally agree that solo travelling is something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime!

    I’m lucky to have been crazy enough to do this at age 18 and I really believe it’s set me up for life! Nice work 😊

  • Melis Living

    Love this post and how balanced it is – highlighting how amazing solo travel is but also the risks. I agree that everyone should do it at least once as it changes you as a person! It’s not solo but I’ve just come back from 7 months living in Asia with my partner and getting round 10 Asian countries on weekends / holidays. It’s been the best time of my life and my outlook has completely changed – I did it to ‘run away’ temporarily from some problems but I think as long as it is temporary it can work wonders! Thanks for sharing. Melis

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