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Four Tricks to Planning a Budget Holiday

Who doesn’t love to go on holiday? Unless you’re terrified of travelling, chances are you love the idea of whisking yourself off to some faraway place to hang out with friends and family members and experience new things. Perhaps you just like to indulge on the beach, or maybe you prefer to embrace country traditions and learn new things.

Sadly, travelling can get expensive. Between the flight, booking yourself a room and paying for food, there are many expenses involved and you might find that holidays can be rather costly. While there are plenty of ways to cut down on the costs of a holiday, you might find that it can often dilute your experience and make it less enjoyable. In this article, we’re going to discuss a couple of tricks that you should keep in mind as a budget holidaymaker.


Budget Holiday



1) Plan What You Want to Experience Beforehand 

It’s always a good idea to have a coherent plan before you end up in a country. The last thing you want to do is spend every day stuck in your hotel room because you don’t know the local attractions and have no clue what there is to see and do. Make sure you plan ahead by taking a look at blogs and travel guides and plan your days to get the most out of them.





2) Find smarter ways to save money

Saving money is great and all, but you never want to reduce your chances of having a good holiday by lowering the quality of service you get. Instead, compare holidays with Money Pug and look for discounts and other deals. If you book in advance, you’ll find plenty of great offers to take advantage of.



3) Set yourself a budget

Regardless of how much money you think you can save, you need to also think about how much money you know you can spend. This can get difficult if you’ve never budgeted for expenses before, but it’s actually very easy to budget for a holiday. You need to consider all the different areas where you need to spend money, such as travel, accommodation, entertainment and food, then split them up evenly depending on your situation or even prioritise one or another.





4) Consider the alternatives

When going on holiday, there are plenty of different ways to get around, there are many ways to get entertainment and there are different types of accommodation. Make sure you take a look at the different options you have because there are several advantages to each one. For instance, if you’re looking to explore the wilderness a bit and enjoy your time in the wild, then you could consider camping instead of staying in a hotel. If you love to explore, then perhaps renting a bike or even a car is better than taking public transport.


There are many different goals you can keep in mind when going out to travel. Holidaymakers need to be more creative when it comes to budget holidays, and hopefully, this guide has served as a good place to start mixing up your ideas! If you are feeling inspired then check out our other Money Saving Tips and get saving!




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