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Helpful Hacks For Life (And Work) As A Digital Nomad

Do you hate your job? Are you languishing in your very own fluorescent lit version of Hades? Do you yearn for adventure, excitement and challenge yet only ever get monotony, stagnation and a nagging feeling that the best years of your life are passing you by. Does your office environment feel increasingly claustrophobic and stifling. Well, the good news is that you’re not alone! Yet, while many will simply carry on in their little rut, tutting and shaking their heads as they go, you will combine your love of adventure and travel with a desire to make a living on your own terms as a freelancer, by doing it alone as a digital nomad


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Yet while this globe trotting lifestyle has an obvious romantic appeal, like any career avenue it has its own inherent challenges. Here are some ways in which you can give yourself the inside track. Its time for you to make life and work more manageable when you’re on the road as a digital nomad!



Make Sure Your Work’s Lined Up Before You Jet Off

As tempting as it may be to march into your boss’ office and tell them to shove it as soon as you’ve decided on the next step of your career, this is rarely advisable. Even if you have some savings behind you, they can quickly dwindle when you’re on your travels, even if you think you’re living a fairly frugal life. Stick out your day job for as long as you can while you build a portfolio of work, build a relationship with prospective clients and get some work lined up for yourself before you begin your adventure. You may be surprised at how tolerable your day job becomes when you have something to look forward to.




Remember; A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

If you’ll be hustling for work in your chosen destination, it’s a great idea (and simple good form) to learn a little of your chosen destination’s language. But remember that a picture is worth a thousand words! Find ways to communicate potentially complex information efficiently using pictures and diagrams. Microsoft Visio is a great program for creating diagrams and with a little knowhow, Rotating, Resizing, Duplicating and Deleting Shapes in Microsoft Visio\ becomes a breeze. This means you’ll have full customisation for efficient communication with foreign clients.  


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Where You Work will often Determine How Hard you Work

As romantic as the idea of working from a taverna in Spain may seem, it’s important to remember that you will live and eat by your own productivity. When arriving at your chosen destination, your first priority should always be to carry out some reconnaissance to find somewhere to work from. You’ll need somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed with good phone and wifi connectivity. Where possible, look for accommodation with an on-site business centre.





Remember, Even Digital Nomads get Homesick!

Finally, it’s important to address the issue of homesickness. As much as you may be raring to get on your travels, it’s vital that you remember that homesickness will inevitably strike and could undermine your productivity. Make sure you take steps to mitigate its effects by keeping an open line of communication with friends and family back home.



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