In 2016, we decided to take a break from our long-distance, money-scrimping lives and treated ourselves to an unforgettable holiday to the island of Malta. During our three weeks here, we managed to squeeze scuba diving, island hopping, volcano exploring, pier jumping and discotheque-ing in between our many lazy days by the sea.

This gorgeous island offers an incredible range of activities for all age groups, from party animal to retiree, allowing you to take your trips to paradise at exactly the pace you desire. What are you waiting for?!



Top Eight Things to Do in Malta

In the crystal blue Mediterranean sea, off idilic coast of Italy, sits the Maltese archipelago. Read about our top spots in this little slice of backpacker heaven.






Best Day Trips from Malta

In the middle of the Mediterranean, sits the paradise island of Malta. Not only does this island have in incredible number of sights and activities on the mainland itself, it also makes the perfect basecamp to embark on day trips to the neighbouring islands. Read our favourite day trips from Malta, and fall in love!


Best Day Trips from Malta









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