On the western coast of England sits the small yet fiercely proud nation of Wales. The stunning beauty and fascinating history of this mountainous land make it an incredible place to visit. One thing that can be said however is that in order to see the most spectacular parts of this country, you will need some form of transportation.

In 2018 we decided to embark on a long-weekend camping trip to this ancient land. The sights, culture and people we met make it a holiday we will never forget.


Weekend in Wales – Best Pictures

As if you needed any more motivation to visit the beautiful lands of Snowdonia, but here are our favourite pictures from our weekend trip here.


Weekend in Wales



Welsh Weekend Camping Budget

Holidays away don’t have to cost a fortune! We often find that the best, most memorable trips are always done on a budget. Read our Welsh Weekend Camping budget for exploring the beautiful lands of Snowdonia and get inspired for your own trip.


Wales Camping budget




Snowdonia’s Best Activities

On a weekend break to the beautiful lands of Snowdonia we explored the national park, as well as the west coast and the villages that lie there. Read about our top sights along this incredible coast and find out what unforgettable spectacles await.






A Welsh Weekend

For an Easter weekend adventure, we decided we would pack up our glamping essentials and head to beautiful Wales. Travelling the entire length of the country, we managed to see some truly spectacular sights and an unforgettable sunset.










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