My Top Six Favourite Places in Dublin

Hi guys! My name is Anne Carty and I am a travel blogger. You can find me at www.foreverthewanderer.ie/wp. A huge thank you to these lovely bloggers for allowing me to guest post here. I have loved this blog since the day I have connected with this lovely couple and I’m super glad to have been given this amazing opportunity! Today I will be discussing my top six favourite places in Dublin.


Phoenix Park

This is a huge park where the President Michael D Higgins lives. It is a popular park on Dublin because inside live wild deer. This park also houses the amazing and famous Dublin Zoo. You can play football, rugby, cricket and so much more in this park. If you aren’t into sports you can stroll around the park or have a nice picnic in the grass watching the deer.





Dublin Zoo

I’m a huge animal lover so the zoo is heaven for me! Walking along the trail seeing the many exotic and interesting animals is amazing. Walking inside you get a beautiful view of a lake and on the other side of the lake there are monkeys that you can watch playing together. Read my post about the zoo here.








Kilmainham Gaol

This amazing yet horrifying historical site is one of my favourite historical sites. I have visited this site twice already and loved both trips. If you would like to read more about Kilmainham Gaol here. (Link included at the bottom for you to link to​)If you love history and want to understand the Irish culture more you would love to visit this amazing historical site.








The Garden of Remembrance

This is my favourite place in the world. As soon as I step through the gates a sense of peace washes over me. I feel safe here. Sitting here for hours is just the most relaxing thing in the world. This garden is so beautiful and full of tranquility.








O’connell Street

A lovely bustling street full of people, history, shops and many interesting statues and artwork being spread across the street.





Croke Park

Sport is a huge part of Irish culture. Gaelic football and hurling/camogie are played in this stadium. This can hold over 80,000 people in one seating which is amazing. The buzz in the air as thousands of Irish men, women and children cheer for the two teams on the pitch battling to win. When you visit this amazing stadium you will feel at home in this significant place.






Again a huge thank you to this lovely couple for allowing me to do this.

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