Now is the Time to Visit London

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that London is the place to be right now. It doesn’t matter what part of the UK you live in, you should be trying to organise a nice little London break away. It just has so much to offer! After living here for 12 months together, we fell in love with the atmosphere, business and huge variety of ethnicities and culture. Here are our reasons why now is the time to visit London!

Now we’re not necessarily saying that you need to spend your entire time in the city centre. London does have far more to offer than that! It covers such a vast area, and each part is filled with a diverse culture that will keep you on your toes. The way of life in London is just so different, and if you haven’t been there recently, you won’t understand what we mean.


Visit London



It Isn’t As Expensive As You Might Think

London does have a big stigma around being extremely expensive to live in. If you’re going to live there, then yes, buying a house would set you back a lot more than it would in your local area. Renting even, costs such a fortune that people are just struggling to do it. However, during our time in London we not only managed to live and enjoy our time on low salaries, we also managed to save some money. You can read our handy money saving tips to see how we managed this.


Visit London


For a weekend or short break in London, you really won’t need as much money as you might think. The only thing you will find expensive is eating and drinking out, but that can easily be done on a budget if you try. If you check out this link, https://www.londonservicedapartments.co.uk/serviced-apartments/, you’ll find some stunning serviced apartments that you could rent for the duration of your stay, however long that might be.

There are so many different sides to London that you just will require a lot longer than one weekend. We lived here for a year and still have some unexplored areas that we need to return to! If you are heading for a short break then check out our full day itinerary to see all of London’s best sights in one day.



It Won’t Be As Busy As the Summer Months

Although the weather that we’re having at the minute might feel like summer, it really isn’t. It is rather glorious, but the kids are still stuck in school. This means the only tourists that you’ll have to deal with is those from another country, or the people who have took some time off work to see London when it isn’t as busy. Don’t get us wrong, the atmosphere in London is always buzzing and vibrant, however it is so much better to go at this time of the year, than in July/August.


Covent Garden



It Is Safer Than Ever

Another common misconception that people have, is that London really isn’t safe at the moment. There is fear of both acid and terror attacks due to the stories that can be found in the media. However, at the minute, London is safer than it has ever been. The streets are lined with armed police, and even undercover police that you wouldn’t even know you’re walking past. Don’t fear danger in London, embrace the way of life, and have an amazing time.




As our home for just over a year, London will always hold incredible memories for us. Although our time on the road now is incredible, we are always missing our cosy apartment above this buzzing city. If you are planning a trip of your own, you can read all of our blogs on this beautiful city right here. But don’t just take our word for it, get booking today!


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