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Our 5 Favourite Things about Guernsey

In 2015, I moved to the small island of Guernsey. As much as I was working a lot to save up money for our travels, I still made sure I saw a lot of the incredible island. Lucky for me, a lot of the beautiful sights and activities that can be found on Guernsey are completely free! That is just one of the many reasons why we love the seaside. Need some inspiration for visiting this incredible place? Here are our 5 favourite things about Guernsey!






Guernsey is blessed with some of the most beautiful white sandy beaches and pebbled bays in the world. There are 27 on the main island and plenty more to explore of its neighbouring islands Herm, Sark and Alderney. Most of the beaches are easily accessible however, some of the smaller bays it is easier to access them by foot.

Vazon Bay is the most popular surfing beach on the island, and is busy all year round. Other beaches are busy in Summer, with only the occasional brave swimmer in the cooler months. Most of the beaches are dog friendly all year round, however a few only allow dogs between October and April. Out of all of these incredible spots, Cobo has to be my favourite beach. The sunsets from this part of the island are unforgettable.


Guernsey Sunsets




Located around the sea are beach kiosks, perfect way to heat you up in the sea or cool you down if you’re lying on the beach. The sell most things from hot and cold drinks, hot food, snacks and ice cream. Some kiosks even have loyalty cards when you buy a hot drink, which is an added bonus. They are reasonably priced for wee stop off in the middle of your day to chill and watch the waves.


Ice cream by the sea




The food alone in Guernsey would be a reason I would recommend a visit there. There is a brilliant selection of really tasty restaurants and if you visit between October/November you will be lucky enough to experience “Tennerfest”. This is a festival held in many Guernsey restaurants, hotels, bistros, pubs and cafes. It was created around the principle of great food at a great price and you will find many places doing a varied 3 course menu for £10, £15 or £20.

Guernsey also does a great cheap fish and chips and the portions are massive. A wee tip might be to order chips to share if you are with someone else, as I challenge you to finish the hole portion by yourself!





Cliff walks

There are many beautiful cliff walks around the island, the longest taking you from the historic bathing pools at La Vallette to the most south-westerly tip of the island. The views out to sea of the neighbouring islands, as well as Castle Cornet sitting guarding St Peter Port, are absolutely magnificent on a clear day. In the spring, you will find the bluebells Bluebell Woods in full bloom, making it a perfect rest stop to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

If you short for time then this can be broken down into 7 separate walks, each as beautiful as the next.  There are many picturesque bays along the route, which are also perfect for a stop off and even a paddle in the sea. Moulin Huet is one in particular, with a kiosk offering the perfect spot for a bite to eat. Regardless of what your taste of adventure is, you wont be disappointed by a Guernsey cliff walk!




Chill vibes

Guernsey is one of the safest places I have ever lived. The laid back feeling of the island is one of the main reasons I fell in love with the island. Everyone is very trusting of one another and many people wouldn’t even lock their front doors. A common occurrence in our house was that we didn’t even keep our door closed so we ended up with mice!

During the summer months you will find balcony gigs at Cobo Bay on most Sundays. These are the perfect way to make the most of a busy weekend, and chill on the beach with some amazing live music.





Guernsey is one of the best places I’ve ever lived. So much to learn, see, do and appreciate. If you are taking a trip to the UK then I definitely recommend a visit to this amazing place!


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