Our Adventures

In our years together, we have experienced more than just a few incredible adventures! From the other side of the world to our own little village, we love exploring the unknown and have a few tales to tell from doing so. Each day is what you make of it and the smallest trip can become the most exciting adventure of your life, so make the most of each of them!

Here are some of the many stories we have collected over the years. Enjoy!



Our Italian Cycling Adventure

During our Interrail trip around Europe, our plans changed last-minute to an epic, 720km cycle down Italy’s eastern coast. Read all about our Italian Cycling Adventure here!


Italian Cycling Adventure



The “Joys” of Camping (and Why We Love It!)

There are so many incredible reasons as to why you should choose camping as your form of accommodation, however we thought we would show you some of its darker side.. Over all of our camping adventures, there have been some hilarious tales, resulting in wet beds, itchy pants and pounding hearts. These have all added up to some of the funniest and best memories we have from our travels.

Have a read and have a laugh at some of our misery!






Loch Lomond Roadtrip

One of our favourite spots in the world sits hidden, halfway up the west side of Loch Lomond. This road-trip takes you past the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond and into the beautiful wilderness of the Scottish highlands.

On our adventure along the bonnie banks, we learn why wild camping during rutting season does not make for a peaceful night’s sleep…





Last Minute London

In 2013, we made a last minute decision to spend the weekend in big city London. Read about our time here as well as what we learnt about this beautiful and bustling metropolis.





A Welsh Weekend

For an Easter weekend adventure, we decided we would pack up our glamping essentials and head to beautiful Wales. Travelling the entire length of the country, we managed to see some truly spectacular sights and an unforgettable sunset.





Ireland Adventure

In May 2018 we embarked on our first ever trip to the emerald lands of Ireland. For ten days we would be exploring each corner of this breathtaking island, read about what we got up to!


ireland adventure











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