Our Italian Cycling Adventure

We spontaneously switched up our Interrail travel plans around Europe to take on a brand new adventure. Neither of us had ever cycled more than 10km to work, never mind taking on the 720km challenge down Italy’s east coast with all of our luggage. This is our Italian Cycling Adventure.

We ventured through beautiful Italian towns and countryside, seeing what authentic areas of Italy had to offer. We also pushed through some of the most physical and mental challenges to reach our final destination.

Read all about our series of unfortunate events that took us down Italy’s beautiful east coast below.



Italian Cycling Adventure – Part 1

Since cycle touring wasn’t something either of us had done before, we documented our Italian Cycling Adventure to inspire other newbies to give it a go.





Italian Cycling Adventure – Part 2

As our Italian Cycling Adventure continues we soon learn that the flat coastal roads we were expecting were not what maps had planned for us.





Italian Cycling Adventure – Part 3

Our Italian Cycling Adventure is coming to an end as we reach our final destination. We are feeling the burn, will it get any easier from here?












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