Our Top Activities at Lake Bled, Slovenia

One of Europe’s most Instagram-able sights has got to be the spectacular Lake Bled. The crystal-clear waters, surrounding mountains and stunning greenery make it one of the most beautiful places we have ever visited! And to top it all off, it even hosts one of the only two islands in Slovenia!  Upon this island is a church, whose bell chimes throughout the day. During our short stop off in this incredible part of the world, this is what we got up to. Here are our top activities at Lake Bled, Slovenia!





Lake Swimming

Of course, this is an obvious one. When you see the blue water, you are going to find it very difficult to not jump straight in! Around the western bank there are plenty of areas that provide easy access into the welcoming waters. As it is glacial water, you will find it is not quite as warm as the Mediterranean sea. However this cool lake is absolutely delightful after a day of hiking or any of the other many activities available.

If you are a capable swimmer, you can even swim over to the island that Lake Bled holds. From the eastern shore, this swim is about 500m each way. This means it shouldn’t take longer than half an hour to reach the pretty banks of the island. Unfortunately, there is a strict “no swimsuits” rule on the island. This means you cannot explore around the church and houses themselves, however even just the view and atmosphere on the islands pier is worth the effort.


Lake Bled



Lakeside Workout

You will struggle to find anywhere in the world with a more perfect morning workout view. Every early morning you brave in Bled will reward you with a sunrise unlike any other. The sky lights up long before the sun peaks over the surrounding mountains, illuminating the beautiful, still waters of the lake with an incredible serenity.

Whether it is a simple run around the lake’s banks, an early morning swim, or even a lakeside HIIT workout, the view of the surrounding valley is more than enough motivation to start the day right. If you are into your HIIT workouts, you can watch out lakeside workout right here! We hope this gives you some on the road, fitness inspiration.


Lake Bled



White-Water Rafting tours

For the more extreme adventurer, there are a bountiful amount of high adrenaline adventures available in the hills surrounding Bled. As neither of us had done it before, our choice was obviously White-Water Rafting, hosted by the Adventure Rafting tour company. On this 3 hour expedition, you begin at the campsite where you booked it, where you will be collected and dropped off. You will then be brought to the starting point to get kitted out and psyched up by the teams enthusiastic and friendly raft leaders. After a quick introduction, you are on your way down the rapids of the River Sava, fighting as a team through the perils that await.

Even if you are not a fan of the water, this tour is nothing to be afraid of. We found it to be an excellent introductory rafting trip, with no steep drops or sudden immersions (apart from when the leader decides to tip you..).


Adventure Rafting Bled


Throughout your journey your guide will tell you all about the beautiful surrounding landscape. You will also get to play multiple fun raft games. You will finish off the trip with a spot of body surfing down a set of rapids, before you paddle the final stretch, whilst singing traditional Slovenian songs. How dreamy!

This trip cost us €34 each and is the cheapest option that we could see. Despite this, the value for money of the trip is outstanding, with it even including free digital pictures.


Adventure Rafting Bled



Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Lake Bled’s stunning surroundings matched with the calm waters, make the ideal place to try your hand at the Stand-Up Paddle. This activity that is rapidly gaining popularity all across Europe, and we can see why! This fun, slightly tricky, and completely exhausting sport is the ultimate way to take in your surroundings, all while keeping fit.

With multiple places around the lake offering SUP rentals, we decided to give it a go and see how hard it could be. Let’s just say the people doing it on the open ocean make it look very easy! After much time wobbling around we both finally managed to do some proper Stand Up Paddling and had an incredible time.

On the eastern banks of the lake you will find a SUP rental spot, offering 1hr rentals for only €10, which is then lowered to just €5 between 9am and 10am! Well worth the money.


SUP Bled



With all of these activities, plus the many, many more we didn’t have a chance to try, Lake Bled is an incredible spot for an adrenaline filled, completely relaxing, and utterly breath-taking weekend break.

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