Best Hobbies for Doing More Steps
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The Best Hobbies for Doing More Steps

Both Campbell and I wear fitness trackers daily as it helps us keep our bodies moving whilst on the road. Days that are mainly spent driving it can be so easy to reach the end of the day having only day 3000 odd steps! Recognising this on our watch encourages us to get out and move our bodies more before sitting down again. On the other hand, days that are spent out and about it can be easy to reach 30,000! With help from these Best Hobbies for Doing More Steps, you too can nail your step goal more often.

The watch I have is a Garmin Vivo smart HR and Campbell has a cheaper, off-brand version (constant competition for which is better..). Both of these watches track activities and heart rate. They connect to an app on your phone via bluetooth so you can view your daily statistics and compare them with previous day. 

Fitbits and activity trackers are incredibly trendy at the moment. Everyone seems to be wearing one in an attempt to take ownership of their health and do more for their bodies. For many of us, 10000 steps a day is the target. If you are a gym bunny, a keen walker or spend all day on your feet at work, you’ll probably make it easily. If you’re not and spend most of your time at work sat at a desk or stood still, and time at home on the sofa, 10000 steps might seem like an absolute world away.

Of course, the easiest way to do more steps is going for a walk. But, this isn’t for everyone. If you don’t live in a particular scenic, or safe, area, the idea of a daily walk after dinner might not be particularly appealing, and even if you do enjoy a walk, it can get boring every day.

There are some wonderful ways to add a few steps to your day here and there. These can include things like pacing while you brush your teeth, getting off the bus a stop earlier and walking around the kitchen while you wait for the kettle to boil. While all these steps can start to add up, there are also some more fun ways to add steps. Here’s a look at some of the best hobbies to help you get your steps in.



Best Hobbies for Doing More Steps
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Metal Detecting

If you live near a beach, forest or another interesting area, walking around with a metal detector can be incredibly interesting. You’re bound to find plenty of rubbish (which you can help clean up!), but you could also find some wonderful treasures, and you’ll get plenty of steps in along the way. Metal detectors are easy to buy, and you don’t need anything else for this hobby except perhaps comfortable shoes and clothes.


Dog Walking

If you’ve got your own dog, it’s much more than a hobby. But, if you haven’t, you could use your free time to walk local dogs or those that live in shelters nearby. You’ll get more fresh air and exercise, it’ll improve your mental health, and your step count will fly up.




Ice Skating

Most fitness trackers now track exercise. They auto detect what you are doing, track your activity and the calories that you are burning, and add the appropriate number of steps. Ice skating, or rollerblading is a brilliant way to do more steps while gliding around the ice.




Walking and hiking aren’t the same things. We walk around our local areas. We hike in much more interesting locations over more difficult terrain. Invest in a good pair of hiking boots, take the bus out to your nearest rural location and walk home. Start slowly, sticking to well walked paths and trails, then start going off road a little more. Explore new areas, try some nature photograph and enjoy watching those steps go up.




Other great hobbies to get more steps in include dancing (yes, around your kitchen counts), running, and trampolining. Remember, if you are moving your legs, it counts. 


Also check out our On-the-Road fitness videos for helping to keep fit whilst on your next adventure!






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Best Hobbies for Doing More Steps








    • Campbell

      Personally I’d love an iwatch but I can’t justify spending that much money on a watch right now 😂 fit bits sound really good because they are so popular! You can compare your steps etc with loads more people 🙂

      • Wanda Luthman

        Yes, the iwatch seems pretty cool but very expensive. I think the fit bit is more affordable. And so I’m leaning that way. I really want one that I can use in the water because I would like to use it when I’m swimming.

  • Rowena Simpson

    I used to religiously track my steps and then I read something that said 10 minutes of rigorous exercise per day was just as good. At that point I gave up dancing round the kitchen and running up and down the stairs in an attempt to hit my 10,000.

    However as with all things ie fat/ alcohol/ statins etc depending on the latest report, they are either bad for you or good for you!

    I give up! I ride my bike, try to keep moving through the day and hope for the best!
    However I can absolutely see how trackers can motivate you to do more.

    • Campbell

      That’s very true! At the end of the do it is do what makes you happy and keeps you motivated 😁 and those things do change over time so don’t be afraid to try new things!

  • alison netzer

    Dog walking is the best, except when you have a crazy lab that likes to pull and chase squirrels. It is so important for mental health to get the steps in during travel and daily life.

    • Campbell

      Haha that sounds even better! We think exercise is such an important part of our lives. We really start to feel quite disillusioned with everything else we are doing unless we exercise!

  • Lyza P

    I have my Iphone with me to track my steps but when I’m working some won’t count since I just leave my phone. A watch is very helpful in tracking and would love to own one (but it’s not on my budget). For these hobbies, I really like to try them out, but working 6 days a week gives me a slight chance to do this. I really like the metal detecting idea but most beaches here are private; but if I have a long weekend hiking is the best! (But i need some shoes, kids size because my feet are too small).

    • Campbell

      Aww how I would love an Apple Watch! But yeah, there are waaaay more important things to spend your money on! I got mine as a gift and I wear it everyday. The idea of metal detecting has always been quite interesting to us! I think it was since we were walking home from a night out in Australia and we met a man on the beach at 4am haha!

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