Thrifty Travel: The American Dream on a Budget

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Ah, the United States of America; it’s a country that everyone wants to visit at least once in their lifetime. After all, it offers a greater number of iconic attractions and cultural references than any other nation on the planet. Unfortunately, the Land of the Free nickname doesn’t relate to the costs of a visit. On the contrary, it is known to be one of the more expensive places visit. This is due to distances, the country’s living costs, and the high quality of service provided at every turn. Thankfully, though, it is possible to enjoy a trip to the United States without bleeding yourself dry. Here are five of the best ways to help you experience the American Dream on a budget.  






Travel At The Right Times

Flight and accommodation costs are likely to be among the biggest expenses faced when booking a trip Stateside. However, you can cut these overheads significantly by avoiding the peak holiday times. Seriously, travelling a week before or after the school vacations start can secure a significant discount. The lack of random screaming kids is also a bonus.  

It’s also worth noting the dates for American holidays such as Thanksgiving. There’s nothing wrong with visiting at these times if this is a part of the attraction, but you should not ignore the influence of the dates. Either way, booking early is a great way to save money. Or if you are flexible on dates, it may be possible to find special deals throughout the year.



Pay Up Front

Holiday operators and agents now offer fantastic flexibility in terms of repayment plans. However, this can be one of the worst ways to increase the cost of your vacation. Registration fees and other hidden costs soon bump the price up. This is before you even consider late payment charges and similar charges that could occur.  

Paying cash also puts you in the strongest position for haggling and negotiations. Even a 10% discount could seriously impact the overall expense of your trip to America. If this doesn’t encourage you to start saving right away, nothing will. Besides, when the holiday is paid for in advance, any funds saved in the meantime can be spent while you’re away.  


Budget America




Stay Private

Getting value for money on your accommodation is an essential step if you are going to keep the costs down. While the thought of hiring a private rental may seem like a luxury, it could generate a saving compared to hotels. This is especially true for larger groups but also rings true for smaller parties such as romancing couples.  

The quality of the accommodation may be better. However, the fact that you won’t need to worry about paying the many staff members that run a hotel is key. You can find amazing vacation houses here. Aside from the financial benefits and on-site facilities, this route allows you to relax in style. This is an increasingly popular solution and is one you must not ignore for a moment.    


Hire A Car

America is a wonderful country, but it’s massive. Even if you plan to stay within one state, it’s likely that the attractions on your itinerary will be spread out across various towns. Sadly, the internal travel costs can hit your pocket hard. Even in the Uber generation, renting a car is usually the best option. It’s certainly better than relying on public transport.  

Hiring a car doesn’t only save money. It makes the internal journeys more comfortable. Crucially, the ability to build an itinerary on your terms can transform your entire adventure. Sticking to the predetermined trips offered by the tour operators can leave you feeling a little underwhelmed. Destiny is in your hands, which can open the door to a far happier and cost-effective trip.  


Road Trip America




Book Attractions In Advance  

A little spontaneity is great for your trip, not least when it comes to finding places to eat. Still, whether it’s New York , Nevada, or New England, there will be must-see venues. Getting sports tickets here can help avoid disappointment and paying tout fees. Meanwhile, booking theme park tickets will secure discounts and help you skip the lines.  

If nothing else, this helps increase the excitement ahead of your adventures. Knowing that you got the best deal on those items is also very rewarding on an emotional level. The rewards can be enjoyed before, during, and after the vacation. When supported by the other ideas mentioned above, your trip to the USA will be all you dreamed of and more.


So what are you waiting for?! Hit the open road and explore rugged mountains, open plains and buzzing metropolis that span the width of America. It is definitely at the top of our bucket list!


This article may contain affiliate links that provide us with a small income. For more information read our Affiliate page.

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