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As any backpacker knows, the entire success of a trip hangs in the balance when it comes to packing. Trying to find that fine line between fitting all your worldly possessions and taking nothing but a knapsack on a stick is incredibly difficult. In my opinion, a minimalistic approach to packing will always trump turning into a pack horse with everything you own (plus the kitchen sink).

My approach to packing is to firstly think about what tech you need to take, as that is the most important part; think about what you will be doing, blogging? Filming? White water rafting? And then pack the tech accordingly. Next pack whatever clothes you would take if you were going for a short, four day break and stop at that. No matter where you go in the world there will always be access to cleaning facilities for you to freshen your clothes up (even if it is just a river), and without a doubt you will end up buying new clothes as mementos for your journey.

Keep your pack light, keep your pack simple and your life on the road will follow.


Hand-Luggage Packing for Winter

Packing for a hand-luggage only trip can already seem like a daunting task, but trying to do it for a colder climate seems nearly impossible. Fear not, however, for with our handy guides to fitting your life into a rucksack will have you shooting off to your next winter paradise feeling lighter than ever before.

winter packing


winter packing



Hand-Luggage Packing for Summer

Now between winter and summer, it is definitely easier to fit your life into a backpack when you only have to worry about a warmer climate. The clothes and smaller, lighter and fewer, however you also have to worry about more pesky toiletries such as sun cream. These guides will help you save money on hold-luggage fees, as well as saving you the hassle of trekking a heavy bag through an already sweltering climate.


Summer packing for women


summer packing



Our Favourite Backpack

Right now, the rucksack that we simply cannot rate enough is the North Face Basecamp Duffel Bag. Between its security, size, functionality and style, this bag really offers the full package! Read our full review of this bag in the blog below and learn why it should be on your packing list for your next adventure.


best backpack








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