Weymouth Wandering: Castles, Cottages And Crabs!

Weymouth might just put Bournemouth to shame when it comes to outright gorgeous seaside views. Granted it’s not as big or as accessible to some, but it’s a town that harks back to the 12th century when the black death was racing through Europe. The town may be serene and beautiful now but it only takes a little looking around to notice the ruins and forts and castles to questions it’s past.




In the south-east of England, it’s a borough that lies in Dorset. Dorset is well-known for its incredible discoveries of dinosaur fossils, however Weymouth is famous for its warring history. Long before the focus on the narrow part of the English Channel began, the calmer waters along the coastline of the town were regarded as prime locations for invasions. In fact, in 1588 six English ships set sail from the town to meet the Spanish Armada in battle. In the town limits, there are cottages that are homely, cosy and may surprise you with how modern they are inside. You’re at the seaside, so what should you do at least once while you’re here? Seafood, of course!



Getting Settled In

You are at one of the most southern parts of the United Kingdom, you’re away from the hustle of London , the cold harshness of the north and surrounded by hills and ocean views. Rather than finding a hotel or bed and breakfast, immerse yourself in the Weymouth mindset and get yourself into one of the many self catering cottages.

The St. Andrews Church Cottage is in the village of Preston, a short drive away from Weymouth. It has a fireplace in the living room along with wholesome fabric sofa seating. The bedrooms are modern and spacious with drawers and wardrobes for your things. The River Jordan runs right through the village so you can get a canal boat ride into Weymouth Beach.





Combat of the Past

Sandsfoot Castle is a ruin which was completed in 1542, 80-odd years before the land it was on slid down the hillside. its sole job was to act as a fort to protect against the Holy Roman Empire and France since Henry VIII chose to part ways with the Catholic Church. It also took part in the English Civil War.

Outside and alongside the castle ruins is the Sandsfoot Gardens which sublimely has plants, flowers and a pond for guests to walk along. The green fields that surround the hills are incredibly vibrant and full of life. The coastal views are panoramic, which is why this location was chosen to defend the nation from invading forces.




Tasting the Waters

Along with other things you’ll be doing, surely you would like to stop and try some of the daily catch? Straight from the waters, the Crab House Cafe serves up fresh seafood dishes for the peckish. Their produce is caught from the English Channel and served with a slightly modern twist.

Weymouth is simply a gorgeous little town. It’s so distinctly English, with a mixture of war, pride, beauty, and vibrancy. Staying in a cottage where you can take care of yourself is the better way to visit Weymouth.




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