Why You Should Quit Your Job and Travel this Year

Travelling the world has never been easier. With Facetime at our fingertips and flights costing pennies, there are so many magical places out there waiting to be discovered. We quit our jobs in May this year to become full time travellers until we run out of money and need to work and save again. Since that day we haven’t looked back and I doubt that you will either.


Its a Small World

The world is a small place these days and its really easy to get cheap flights to anywhere in the world. Look out for cheap deals or when airlines have sales on and you’ll get it even cheaper. The other option is to take a bike and a tent and use pedal power as a mode of transport. This has saved us a lot of money and allowed us to extend our travels even more.





Advanced Technology

We are so lucky with the advanced technology we have these days that it doesn’t even need to feel like you’re away at all. It’s rare you will come across a place that doesn’t have WIFI and many phone companies are now used all over the world. If not then it won’t cost you much to buy a cheap sim card.

Facetime means that your family and friends are never far away! When I lived in Guernsey, my family would sit the iPad at the table when they were having dinner as if I was right there with them.




Different Cultures

It is amazing what you learn when you experience living in countries with different cultures to your own. It may also make you appreciate the life you have much more depending on where you go. Working in a different country is also a great experience worth trying allowing you to live like a local and experience more of the culture.


Lake Bled



You don’t need much Money

You don’t need as much money as you might think to get started. Work hard and save hard for a short time and if you are willing to stick to a basic budget then it can easily be done. Our favourite way of saving money is by staying in a tent. We have saved an incredible amount on accommodation costs by camping, however if this isn’t for you, try looking for a good deal with Air BnB or





No Strings Attached

If you are young, have no children, no mortgage then what are you waiting for?! You have no strings attached to your home town so you may as well get out and experience others. After all, you never know, you might find you would prefer somewhere to spend your life.



The World is Changing

The world is changing every day. By the time you decide to go somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, it might not be there anymore. We visited Azure Rock in Gozo, Malta in 2016. We were so lucky we went when we did as a year later it collapsed due to erosion.





Home is Never Far Away

If you don’t like it when you’re away, you can still come back. When you leave it doesn’t mean it has to be forever. Life will still be there when you come back. On the other hand, you may find a new preferred life and not want to come back!




Prioritise yourself, do something that you really want to do because at the end of the day we only have one life and we might as well use it to the best of its potential. Push yourself out your comfort zone and grow your confidence.




Learn a new Skill

Travelling gives the opportunity to learn other languages. Sometimes it even forces you to learn as you wouldn’t get by without knowing some. Our recent travels through Italy took us through small towns where no one spoke English and not an English menu was in sight. This was brilliant for our language skills as by the end of our trip we became reasonably able to hold a short conversation in Italian (providing it was basic and they didn’t speak to fast)!




So, what are you waiting for?! If this is something you have been thinking about doing, or even if you’ve been inspired to now. Get saving and planning a trip that will bring you memories to last a lifetime. If we did it, then so can you.


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