Ultimate Wild Swimming Map (UK & Ireland)


Introducing our Ultimate Wild Swimming Map of the UK & Ireland!

So you are also one of those nut-jobs that loves a cold-dook when there are perfectly good HEATED swimming pools around?

Not to worry.. so are we!

Over the years, we have swam in some SERIOUSLY beautiful wild spots all across the country and we have decided to compile of all these into one easy to use map. All you need to do is download it and it will sync with your Google maps, ready to help you plan your next Wild Swimming adventure!

What is included?

  • Over 150 of the best wild swimming spots we have discovered across Scotland, England, Wales, and Ireland.
  • All with handy information about each and every site – parking, location, features, etc.
  • Easy to use icons separating each type of location – beach, river, waterfall, etc.
  • Constant updates – We will be constantly adding to the map as we find more places. No need for future purchases!

2 reviews for Ultimate Wild Swimming Map (UK & Ireland)

  1. Sharon

    Exactly what we’ve been looking for…perfect companion for our trip to Scotland, thank you for sharing such a valuable resource.

  2. Nicole

    Great insight into where to go for wild swimming! Being new to Scotland and having never wild swam before, just reading about it on blogs often isn’t enough, having an actual location with a picture and description is great.
    I’d also recommend saving the Google My Maps site as an app/link widget on your phone’s Home Screen so that it’s easily accessible 🙂
    (On the site > three dots or share button in the top corner > add to Home Screen)

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