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How to Keep Your Body and Mind Healthy in 2019

healthy body and mind


It’s the start of the new year and everyone wants resolutions, right? Hands up if you’ve stuck to a new years resolution for the whole year? Personally, I don’t think I’ve managed it but I’ve learnt now that it’s most likely because I have set myself unrealistic goals. I like to look at it as how I can make small changes to my lifestyle. Things that I am realistically able to change and stick to. Some of these you may all ready do or some of them may be new to you, but these are my suggestions of how to keep your body and mind healthy in 2019. Kickstart the new year with some lifestyle changes that will keep your body and mind happier and healthier.





Moving Your Body

Getting your body moving gets your heart beating and blood flowing throughout your body. By no means does this mean going to a high cardio workout class every day, this can be as simple as going out for a walk, going to a yoga class or even just getting up from your desk at work every hour to move around.


Track Your Steps

Most mobile phones have this installed and there are also a lot of cheap fitness watches on the market. This is a great motivator to make sure you get up and move your body throughout the day. I try and aim for 10,000 steps a day and if I’m running short, I’ll even get up off the couch and move around the house a bit or go for a walk to boost it up.



Get Outside

Whether it’s rain or shine, getting out in the great outdoors is great for our body and mind. It may be going out for a walk in the park or it could be a hike up a mountain. Nature and the outdoors will keep your body and mind happy and healthy. If you love hills and the outdoors, make sure you check out @ionaadventuring on instagram and join her facebook group full of likeminded adventurers, the photos will be enough to tempt you outdoors.


Home Workouts

YouTube is full of free workout ideas, some only lasting 10 minutes, the perfect option for if you are in a rush and thinking of putting it off. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a really good way of getting your heart pumping and body moving. Needless to say, you’ll feel brilliant after it. A favourite of ours is The Body Coach on YouTube and Instagram.



Run Around a New City

If you are someone who travels a lot, or even if you’re not, experience a new city before it comes to life and get out for a morning run. This is also a great way of finding your bearings if you have just arrived. Find a new coffee shop or figure out where the best spot is for dinner, exploring a new city is always exciting.





Eating Well

Eating well doesn’t have to be boring or difficult. There are so many tasty and easy recipes out there to be enjoyed. Here are just a couple of tips to make your plate look healthier in 2019!


Get more Veggies into your Diet

Over the past year we have incorporated a lot more vegetarian and vegan meals and days in to our life. We started off with “meat free Monday”, however after exploring so many amazing recipes this became a regular occurrence throughout our week. This has also saved us a lot of money over the year whilst being a more sustainable lifestyle choice for the environment. On top of all this, there are also a lot of health benefits from eating more vegetables, especially if you mix up your selection.




Stay Hydrated

Being dehydrated can have negative effects of our body and brain, and so it is important we keep drinking throughout the day. Water also helps to boost your energy levels and physical performance whilst treating headaches and of course those deadly hangovers!

We find having a water bottle drastically helps us stay hydrated, as we never venture outside without it. Get your own bottle and try to make yourself goals for drinking, such as a full bottle every two hours. You will feel and see the benefits in no time!





Self Care

Be Kind to Yourself

This is something that I am still working on, yet it is something we all need to remember. We are all different. Our bodies are as unique as our personalities, so we should each find a way of eating and exercising that suits us as an individual.

Let’s stop comparing ourselves to others, and instead work on what makes us healthy and happy. Praise your body instead of punishing it. A few minutes of meditation a day can also help you to refresh your mind and take some time for yourself.


Sleep More

I have always been a lover of my sleep, but I have learnt a lot in the past year about how a lack of sleep can have a detrimental effect on your health. After listening to some podcasts interviewing Professor Matthew Walker, I was blown away in learning that a lack of sleep can leave you with a shorter life expectancy.

By going to your bed an hour earlier in the evening, your body will start to feel the benefits. For us, getting a good 8 hours of sleep and a good sleep routine has worked wonders. By switching off an hour earlier, going to bed at the same time and waking up at the same time every day (even at the weekend), we have been left feeling more energised throughout the day.

It is also crucial to remove yourself from your work, which we find very difficult to do as we LOVE doing it! Ensure you wind down each night, roughly an hour before you go to sleep, by reading a book or watching a movie. NEVER lie on your phone in your bed, as the white light from the screen will keep your brain stimulated, and will prevent you from falling asleep.





Take a Rest Day

Remember that the importance of having a rest day from the gym is just as important as exercising. When you exercise, especially resistance training, your muscle tissues break down. Rest days allow these to rebuild and complete the process required to build muscle, strength and endurance.

Rest days do not, however, have to mean lying around doing nothing. If you are like us and struggle to sit still, going for a walk is a good way of dynamic rest, where you can keep active yet still recover.


Find Balance

Find a balance with all things in your life. I don’t believe life is worth living on restriction, as we will most likely end up on a binge cycle. Eat well, yet don’t restrict yourself from the things that you love. Find exercise that you enjoy and don’t do it to punish your body. Hang out with your friends if you want to, have a night in to yourself if you want to.

Ultimately, do what make you happy as you are the most important person in your life.


I hope that you found something useful to take away from this blog. Keeping our body and mind happy and healthy is so important, and I don’t think we all do it enough. Let us know below if you enjoyed reading this and what lifestyle changes you have made for 2019. Follow our journey on social media and come say hey, we would love to hear from you!

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2019!


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  • Jenny

    These are great ways to stay healthy physically and mentally. And to just be good to yourself. You have them all. This is a great post, I’m saving to re-read as a reminder when I start doing things that I shouldn’t!

  • Kristen

    Great tips!!! I finally got a stand up desk for work and I think it really helps. And I’m with you, I love making sure I get my 10,000 steps. So much easier here in Japan than it was back in the states!

    Kristen |

    • highlands2hammocks

      Thanks Catriona 😁 this might be something we’ll do a post on as veggie meals have saved us so much money 😊will let you know!

  • Helen Story

    I love this post, it’s so easy to overlook the basics when you get really busy or are on the road. I got really burnt out towards the ends of last year, and I’m determined to take better care of myself in the year coming. One thing I would add would be to change up your routines, its keeps things interesting and fresh and stops the bad habits creeping in…or at least for me, makes me more aware so I can manage them!

    • highlands2hammocks

      Thank you so much! It definitely can be tough. That’s a really good one and something we do like to do regularly as well. Thanks so much for your comment!

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