At highlands2hammocks.co.uk, protecting internet user privacy and respecting the privacy rights of our customers is a top priority. We value the trust of our audience and consider personal privacy integrity essential to our business. Therefore, we have established the following policies:


In order to receive messages, advertisements, or promotions from highlands2hammocks.co.uk, clients must have given their explicit consent. At any time, recipients have the right to request removal from our mailing list, and we are committed to fulfilling those requests promptly. We also conduct thorough investigations into any allegations made by recipients regarding unsolicited messages.


We strictly prohibit the use of unsolicited email messages to advertise highlands2hammocks.co.uk or its products. We ensure that our emails are only sent to clients who have willingly agreed to receive them. Failure to adhere to this policy may result in the termination of partnerships and/or affiliate accounts.

If you believe that you have received unsolicited emails promoting our website or brand and would like to file a complaint, please contact our abuse department. We promptly investigate all allegations related to unsolicited messages.

Rest assured that your email address is safe with us. We never sell or share email addresses with other companies. You have the freedom to unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time.

We require that each email sent from highlands2hammocks.co.uk includes an easy-to-use “unsubscribe” link. This empowers subscribers to remove themselves from future communications.

If you receive a newsletter or email and decide that you no longer wish to receive it, simply click the “unsubscribe” link located at the bottom of the email.


Spam refers to unsolicited, bulk emails. Any promotion, information, or solicitation sent via email without the recipient’s prior consent, where no pre-existing relationship exists between the sender and recipient, is considered spam.


  • Email sent to a recipient who had previously opted out of receiving further emails after signing up for newsletters, product information, or any other form of bulk email, is classified as spam.
  • Email sent to recipients who have no prior association with the organization or have not agreed to receive emails from the organization is considered spam.
  • Email sent without providing a clear and easy way for recipients to opt-out or request the discontinuation of future emails is treated as spam.
  • Any email message that lacks a valid email address in the “From” field is regarded as spam.
  • Email containing false or misleading information in the header, subject line, or message itself is considered spam.
  • Email promoting adult websites is considered spam unless the recipient has specifically requested information from that website.
  • Any message sent to email addresses harvested from websites, newsgroups, or any other sources on the internet is labeled as spam.