Republic of Ireland

The southern part of the Irish Isles do not hold back when it comes to natural beauty. The greenery of Ireland is legendary throughout the world, mostly thanks to the temperamental of this Atlantic Island. One thing is for sure: if you are visiting Ireland, pack a raincoat!

After we quit our jobs in 2018, Ireland was our first adventure. Setting off on a 3 week road trip around the island, we hit as many sights as we possibly could. Once our trip was over, a part of our hearts remained in this magnificent country, wedged between the rocky hills and stunning beaches.


Capital – Dublin

Language(s) – English, Irish

Currency – Euro (EUR)

Population – 6.6million (2018)

Most Popular Beer – Guiness

Average Cost of Pint – £3.8 (Cheapest I got was £2.60)

The Republic of Ireland is famous for its green, rolling hills


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