The Republic of Singapore is one of Asia’s most unique tourist hotspots, blending cultures from all around the world to create a truly beautiful country. Throughout the years, this small yet powerful country has had influence from other countries such as Britain and Malaysia, giving it a contrasting culture in comparison to the rest of SouthEast Asia.

The main highlight of the Republic of Singapore is of course the main city, Singapore, and the futuristic blend of nature and architecture. Sights such as the Jewel at Changi Airport, the world-famous Supertree Grove, and the world’s largest indoor greenhouse, the Flower Dome, attract tourists from all over the world.

Of all of the cities we have been to around the world, Singapore is one that always leaves us breathless when we visit.


Capital City – Singapore

Language(s) – Malay

Currency – Singapore Dollar (SGD)

Population – 5.7million (2019)

Most Popular Beer – Tiger

Average Cost of Pint – £6.50

Singapore is famous for its fascinating blend of nature and metropolis