Another central European country famous for its diverse and fascinating history, Hungary is a popular visiting point for tourists. The capital city, Budapest, has been a central spot for civil conflict. Up until 1873, the current city was divided by the Danube river into two separate cities, Buda and Pest. These two cities combined to form that which is now the capital city of Hungary.

We visited the beautiful city of Budapest for a quick, 4-day stopover in 2018. We explored the incredible sights and attractions Budapest has to offer. The amazing culture and delicious cuisine Hungary has to offer had us falling in love.


Capital – Budapest

Language(s) – Hungarian

Currency – Hungarian Forint (HUF)

Population – 9.8million (2018)

Most Popular Beer – Dreher

Average Cost of Pint – £1.3 (Cheapest I got was £0.85)

Hungary is famous for its delicious traditional cuisine