Central hub of Europe, and famous for its incredible natural beauty, Switzerland is a popular stop off point for adventurers. Full of fascinating history, incredible attractions and towering mountains, there is so much to do in Switzerland, anyone can find there place here.

During the summer of 2018, we visited here for the first time together, stopping off at the beautiful city of Zurich. Infamous for its extreme cost of living, we managed to explore and experience Swiss-life on an impressively low budget.

Here are all of our articles so you too can learn how to visit on a budget.


Capital – None (Bern – de facto)

Language(s) – Mixed (German, French, Italian, Romanish, English)

Currency- Swiss Franc (CHF)

Population – 8.5million

Most Popular Beer – Feldschlosschen

Average Cost of Pint – £4.3

Switzerland is famous for its incredible landscape and mountains