Northern Ireland

The rolling green hills and magical mythology of Northern Ireland enchants visitors from all over the globe. Natural phenomenon, beautiful coastlines, towering mountains and charming locals. NI really has it all! Learn about the fascinating and troubling history of this incredible country and discover why Northern Ireland is so high on so many people’s bucket lists!

We visited NI during our Irish road trip in 2018 and fell in love. The sights, the smells, the culture. It all adds up to a truly unique experience that we will never forget. Our personal highlight was watching the sun rise over the Giants Causeway. What a magical morning that was.



Capital City – Belfast

Language(s) – English

Currency – Pounds (GBP)

Population – 1.9million (2017)

Most Popular Beer – Guinness

Average Cost of Pint – £3.00

Northern Ireland is famous for its green landscape and rolling hills


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