The natural beauty of Canada is known throughout the world as one of the top things to experience in your lifetime. Between the gorgeous, blue skied summers and the harsh, unforgiving winters, the Canadian weather offers a wide range of outdoor activities and sports for all types of enthusiasts.

During our visit to the Ontario region at the beginning of 2018, we had the opportunity to experience the Canadian culture and way of life by enjoying the local food, experiencing the traditional activities and relaxing with the fantastic company of the locals.


Top Sights to See in Kingston

The small town of Kingston, Ontario has an incredible number of sights and activities for all seasons of the year. From lake swimming and windsurfing to ice skating and cross country skiing, Kingston has it all to offer.





Feb-Fest in Kingston

During the harsh, winter months of February, one of Canada’s liveliest festivals takes place. Feb-fest in Kingston is a celebration of the ice and snow, offering activities that are only possible for those willing to brave the cold. Read here about what activities you cannot miss at this time of year.





Best Spots for Hot Chocolate in Kingston

During our visit in the chilly months of February, we toured the local coffee shops in Kingston’s town centre in search of the best hot chocolate. Read our reviews here!


Hot Chocolate









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