Vanlife Adventures – Log Book and Journal


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200 high-quality pages: Plan your trips with over 150 pages for planning and recording your camping adventures, as well as a yearly calendar and monthly planners, campervan maintenance planner and checklist, and much more!

Comprehensive and organised: The Camping Logbook is packed with features to keep you organised and make the most of your camping adventures. From calendars for planning to detailed trip logs, it covers all aspects of your camping experience.

Capture important details: With prompts for location, weather, price, and more, the logbook ensures you don’t miss any important information about your camping trips. It also includes bucketlist prompts to help plan future adventures.

Journal your adventures: The logbook offers a dedicated journal section for recording over 15 week-long adventures. Reflect on your experiences, write about memorable moments, and document the highlights of each trip.

Plan your trips effectively: The included trip planner helps you stay organised by providing space to plan your route, note down important contacts, and prepare for upcoming trips.

Additional helpful features: Find inspiration with vanlife quotes, discover vanlife food recipes, record your own favourite recipes, and stay on top of vehicle maintenance with the vehicle maintenance planner and to-do list for your van.


The Camping Logbook is the essential companion for every camping enthusiast and vanlife adventurer. Stay organised, plan your trips effectively, and create lasting memories of your outdoor adventures.


Main Features of the Camping Logbook:

  • Camping logbook with prompts for location, weather, price, and more
  • Bucketlist prompts to help plan future adventures
  • Journal to record over 15 week-long camping adventures
  • Trip planner section for organising trips
  • Room to record your own favourite recipes
  • Vehicle maintenance planner for staying on top of van maintenance requirements
  • To-do list for van-related tasks





Get ready for unbeatable outdoor adventures with the Vanlife Adventures Log Book and Journal!

Attention to all thrill-seekers, nature lovers, and open road enthusiasts! The Vanlife Adventures Log Book and Journal is your perfect companion for all your camping adventures. Whether you own a campervan or not, our versatile journal is designed to elevate your camping experience to a whole new level.

This comprehensive journal is tailored to fit all kinds of outdoor adventures, so you don’t need to own a van to make the most out of it. This logbook and journal makes packing for a camping trip a lot easier with its detailed checklists too.

The Vanlife Adventures Log Book and Journal helps you to take note of the details of your camping trip with its logbook feature, such as the cost of your trip, the climate of your location, and everything else worth remembering. There are also pages that are intended for bucket lists, so you can be inspired to plan your next adventure and the one after that.

Plan your travel route effectively with the trip planner section, featuring space for mapping out your routes, listing down essential contacts, and ensuring that you are well-prepared for your upcoming excursion. The journal also features inspirational quotes that captivate the essence of vanlife and outdoor adventure, along with space to jot down your own notes and thoughts.

The Vanlife Adventures Log Book and Journal is not just a comprehensive journal; it also features campervan-friendly food recipes that are easy to make on the road. It’s complete with a vehicle maintenance planner and lists of suggested activities while camping under the stars.

Capture your camping memories with the dedicated journal section that holds over 15-week-long camping adventures. Relive those unforgettable moments along the way and be reminded of the magic of the great outdoors.

Don’t let your lack of campervan ownership hold you back from seeking out unforgettable outdoor experiences. With the Vanlife Adventures Log Book and Journal, you can elevate your camping trips to the next level, all while documenting memories that will last a lifetime.

Embrace the spirit of outdoor adventure, embrace the Vanlife Adventures Log Book and Journal.


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