What's Next?

Happy Friday Everyone!

I honestly can’t believe it’s that time of the week again!

This week we’re sharing our next trip in little bit more detail as well as hoping that you can share some of your top tips with us 🤞🏼.

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Highlights of the Week

At the start of the week, we left home and headed to our little working retreat in Aviemore. We’re staying in Campbell’s parents caravan where we can get stuck into planning our next trip and tying up previous content before we start creating more.

couple sitting at laptpops

So there’s not been much more than that going on this week but we do have plenty of new blog posts published, videos edited and ideas in the pipeline!


In more exciting news, we are heading to NC500 very soon and planning to spend the next few months around there.

We already have a lot of NC500 content on our website from our previous trip 3 years ago and I know a lot of you here joined us through that. We are really excited to explore this part of Scotland in more depth and show you more of what our home country has to offer.

girl sitting on rock on beach

What would you like to see?

We would love to know if there is anything in particular that you would like us to cover on this trip. Or if you have any recommendations for places we must see. Please let us know either by email or by sending us a message on Facebook or Instagram, we would love to hear it.

duncasby stacks

Until next week guys, have a good one!

Much love,

Gemma and Campbell x

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