Scottish Adventures: Visiting Scotland's Most Remote Bothy, Beach and Midges! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

I hope you have all had a great week and weekend! This past week has been a busy one for us as we have continued our adventures on the north west coast.


The weather has continued to treat us which was perfect for us to get out on those adventures that have been on our bucketlist for a long time!



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Kearvaig Bothy


After being on our bucketlist for ages, the weather was finally in our favour for us to hike out to the famous Kearvaig Bothy. When I say this is possibly one of the most incredible places we have visited in the world, I really mean that. This little haven is so worth visiting!

This remote bothy sits out on the wild Cape Wrath peninsula and requires a short ferry and either a 12km walk or a mini bus to get to it. We decided we wanted to walk to the bothy as the weather was perfect and it’s all part of the adventure right?!

We passed two other people, who had left the bothy, on our walk there and for the next 24 hours we saw no one. No sounds of anything except the waves lapping the shoreline and the birds protecting their nests.

There was no signal and, on this night, no midges so we could sit outside the bothy and soak up the surrounding views, wondering if anyone would join us. As the sun set, around 30 red deer came down from the hills and surrounded us.


The following day, the weather was glorious and we hiked out to the Cape Wrath Lighthouse, which was an 18km return walk. Here you will find a small cafe which can be a real lifesaver to those who are completing the whole 230 mile Cape Wrath trail.

Our second evening we were joined in the bothy by 7 others who were all on their own wonderful adventures. We were also greeted by an army of midges and ticks so don’t forget your midge net if you come out here!!

Ferry – £10pp return trip. From there you can either, walk, cycle or get on the mini bus which is £15pp.

Sandwood Bay


One of our favourite spots in Scotland for its remote and rugged beauty is Sandwood Bay, set out on the north west coast. We set off early in the morning to beat any other visitors and capture the beauty of this beach to ourselves. Along the way we were also welcomed by some fluffy friends who were having a bath to cool off from the heat.

Walk to Sandwood Bay – 13km out and back.

Handa Island


Our last stop on this north west coast adventure was Handa Island. We visited this beautiful island last in 2018 and were looking forward to taking a trip back over there to try and get a glimpse of some puffins and maybe some marine life! We were lucky to spot some puffins out on the rocks but unfortunately and some seals playing around in the water. After walking around the island, we couldn’t leave without going for a quick dip in the crystal clear blue waters before getting a ferry back to Ellie 

Ferry to Handa Island – £20pp return

We’re starting to look towards our next adventure now, any guesses where it might be?! 🙂

Have a lovely week guys!

Gemma and Campbell xx

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