Hi all!


I hope you had a lovely December and the run up to the holidays hasn’t been too manic for you 😊


We have lots of bits and bobs to update you on over the past month but firstly, we want to thank you all for your continued support over the past year. It’s been a whirlwind but absolutely incredible and having your support will never go unnoticed, so thank you! Without your support we wouldn’t be where we are today. 







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Ellie Update 🚐


Unfortunately, Ellie has completely packed in electrical-wise. We’re not sure what happened but it happened during a big dumping of snow that we had and we ended up checking into a nearby hotel for a few nights as we had no running water or heating!


We still haven’t reached the source of the problem so we have bitten the bullet and booked her into the garage on 22nd December to hope that they can fix her. We have some other little issues that we’re hoping they can fix whilst she is in too.


So that left us feeling a bit in limbo with what to do and where to go.


Our Christmas Plans


Thankfully, we planned to spend Christmas with our friends and family this year so we’ve been making the most of our parent’s cosy homes whilst we’re here 🥰


We even turned Campbell’s bedroom into our home office and bought a big whiteboard, comfy chairs, and office plants to complete it 😁 After spending Christmas in Thailand last year, we’re excited to get trying out the different veggie Christmas dinners as each year they just get better and better!

What Have We Been Up To?


We’re grateful to have beautiful Glencoe on our doorstep so we have been spending plenty of days in the mountains and swimming, our most recent one having an engagement shoot with our wedding photographer Gabby 😁


And this week we’re out exploring Fife and and Edinburgh in a dinky yellow campervan from Big Country Campers that we’ve named “nanna” (Banana) 😂 the difference in storage space has definitely taken a bit of adjusting too and it’s making me wonder how we survived living in our wee Roxy van for so long in Australia 😂  


Over the next week we’ll be starting to pull together our plans for the next year which is looking to be a very exciting one for both the business and travel 😁 and of course.. we’re getting married! 🥳


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