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Coming into the New Year, we all make those little promises to ourselves. What you are going to give up, stop doing and cut out.  Well, this year why not make some promises of what you want to put into your life, rather than what you want to take out. Make a promise that adds to the enjoyment of life, one that opens doors you never knew existed.

This year, make the promise to learn how to teach someone a new language with the Teach English as a Foreign Language course. This is the year to complete your online TEFL course and here are 5 amazing reasons why.


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5 Reasons to Complete Your TEFL Course in 2020


It is the Year of Progression

Don’t put it off any longer, 2020 is going to the year of self-progression. That means a lot of hard work, but it also means a lot of incredible memories. Learning new skills has never been easier than it is today. Not only have you got the entirety of the internet at your disposal, but with online courses such as TEFL you can also choose when, where and even HOW you learn to teach English.

When we completed our TEFL course, we were completing our regional work in South Australia. In the middle of nowhere, learning to teach all over the world all whilst living out of the back of a van, we proved that you can complete your TEFL course anywhere in the world.

Make your 2020 all about progression, learning new skills and applying them to creating the best you possible.



Learning to Teach Opens Doors to New Opportunities

By learning how to teach, you are opening yourself up to a whole world of new opportunities. Whether it is a commercial job or as a freelancer, the communicative and problem-solving skills you acquire when learning to teach are invaluable. It also brings with it the opportunity to work and live wherever you want in the world, whether it is Asia, Europe or South America, English teachers are required all across the world.

The world has never been a smaller place and more and more people are learning new languages. Be there to help them and learn how to teach this year.


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Teaching is the Most Rewarding Thing You Can Do

The most rewarding and precious thing that anyone can do in life is to teach others. By doing so, you are not only providing your students with invaluable knowledge, skills and a new outlook on life, you are giving them the opportunity to choose their own future. Whether you are teaching young children who have moved to a new country and require English for school, or a professional wanting to improve on their skills to work abroad, you can provide an invaluable skill that will change their lives.

Education is something that we are all entitled to in life, so why not be the one who delivers it?



Always Strive for Self-Development

If there is one thing we should all strive for, day in day out, it is self-development. Go to bed tonight a better person than you were this morning, through education, charity or progression. Learning new skills and developing your old ones are crucial for a happy and healthy lifestyle, so why not make the next one you learn how to teach English?



Travel, Work and Live

Who doesn’t dream of seeing all there is to see in this beautiful world? The fact that you have made it this far shows that a part of you certainly does. Now, this may seem like an impossible pipe dream to most, however, what if you developed a lifestyle that allowed you to travel, work and live life the way you choose to.

Teaching English with a TEFL qualification provides you the skills, support, and qualities that are perfect for the travelling English teacher. Whether it is teaching English online or in a classroom of your choosing, with a TEFL degree you are able to choose where you want to work and for how long you wish to stay there.


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It is a short ride, this life we live, so do not waste another day of it in a job that you do not enjoy. Strive for greatness, see everything that there is to see and never apologise for being the person that you are.

Make 2020 the year that you take the leap and do what YOU want to do.



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  1. Theresa. Dent

    Hello Gemma and Campbell, I have just come across here on you tube The Alderney video. Alderney is where my brother and his wife located from Guernsey to in December 2020 just before lock down happened in Guernsey. His wife is taking a Sabbatical year out of online work teaching English language and literature for exam boards Secondary schools.. My Brother hope to do Golf coaching using NLP techniques which is something not every coach for golf does apparently so he hopes to make inroads with Alderney Golf club in the near future.
    Hope fully my sister and I will visit Guernsey and Alderney soon depending on the Covid 19 regulations. I have watched with interest. The States of Guernsey Briefings during Pandemic and Note how they have instilled a spirit of hope in the population with the clarity of the presentations. Dr Brink and team have certainly excelled themselves. When I hear Deputy Ferbrach name it always reminds me of a hairbrush similar sounding name.
    My favourite place in Guernsey is Castle Cornet The Gunners garden where I can just sit and have a panaromic view of Herm Sark in the Distance on a Good day.
    I too have got a NHS Nursing background of 46 years as a general nurse working partime now here in Manchester. So which did Gemma work in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Guernsey????. They are still looking for staff at present but at 64 I think not for me…. Speak soon from Theresa Dent of Manchester

    1. Hi there Theresa! Thank you so much for reaching out to us, we are really happy that you are enjoying our content. Hopefully you and your sister will be able to return to Guernsey soon enough. Castle Cornet is a beautiful spot to admire the bay from, we love the little cafe just down the road from that for brunch. Well, maybe you could just come and enjoy the beauty of the island without needing to trouble with work then, you have earnt it!

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