The most integral part of any trip has to be the backpack. That is why we have written this review to make sure you choose the best backpack for you! This is our North Face Basecamp Duffel bag review.

We currently have matching bags, as we decided we were not tragic enough already (thankfully they are different colours). These fantastic, all-purpose bags are Base Camp duffel bags from The North Face (size small for airplane carry-on).


In this North Face Duffel Bag review, we discuss the most important aspects of the bag: the size, features, security, style, and general usability whilst on the road. We highly recommend this bag to anyone wanting a good, all-round hand luggage bag for their next adventure.


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Although the name tag says “small” don’t be fooled into thinking these bags are not functional. They are rated for airplane carry-on and they use every mL of volume possible while maintaining this. I  have managed to fit a week’s worth of clothing into this bag multiple times, as well as all my additional travel gear.





The simplicity of this bag may seem like a downside to some, however I would argue that this is another defining feature. This bag has one side pouch and a main pouch, inside of which is a zipped mesh pouch on the opening flap.

The side pouch is large enough for all your important equipment, wallet, passport, sunglasses, earphones, phone etc, so you will not be raiding through multiple side pockets to find what you are looking for. The internal mesh pouch is also perfect for these valuables to prevent pick pocketing, (also discussed next).





The main feature that I like about this bag is the security against theft and water ingress it possesses. The bag is fully waterproof with incredibly heavy duty zips, meaning it will not break easily. The main pouch opens on the side that sits against your back, making it impossible to open whilst it is being worn. This is fantastic for backpackers worried about items being removed (or even worse added) to their bags while exploring dense markets and busy streets.

As I said there is only one side pocket, located on the top of the bag when worn and secured by a heavy duty zip that requires a tug in order to open it. The chances of someone opening this pouch without you noticing are very slim! However, if it still worries you you can store your valuables in the internal mesh pouch.




Coming in a huge range of colours and patterns, these bags will suit any flavour of style. Personally, I went for the hi-viz yellow so that i never have a chance of misplacing it or not being seen by Gemma.



So this rucksack really has the full package and that is why it is we can rate it as one of the best rucksacks we have owned.  If you enjoyed reading these awesome tips, then check out our other travel tips for packing guides and loads more!


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  1. cassiethehag

    During daily life in London I use a small North Face bag which my friend leant me a while ago – he eventually admitted he bought it in Vietnam 8 years ago and it’s still going strong! It turns out they have a similar, foldable daypack so I had to get it for my big trip, obvs 😉

    1. Campbell

      Not surprised! The materials are amazing haha! This bag is all I plan on taking on our Australia trip this year.

  2. federica

    These kind of large packs are very useful. I often put them in the big luggage and then I feel them with travel’s trophies on my way back to home! 🙂

    1. Campbell

      That’s a brilliant idea ? always struggle for room for any souvenirs haha

  3. Alison Netzer

    We are always in the market for a new bag. This one sounds so durable. Great review.

    1. Campbell

      Thanks! It definitely is durable, the materials should last a few years ?

  4. Lyza

    I have never owned a duffel bag but if I ever buy one, I think I’ll buy this because you recommended it. I’m more of a backpack person, but this really looks cool, very functional and is waterproof. I like the blue one, but if ever there’s pink I’m going to be in love!

  5. Rein

    It really does look like a useful bag, even better because it’s waterproof.

    At first, when looking at the pictures, the bag looked too small but if it can carry a week’s worth of clothes and equipment I’d say it’s a must-have for any traveler.

    The real question is though, does Gemma have enough space to put everything away? (without needing to use some space in your bag, or bring a small carry on)^^ I would love to hear if it’s manageable from a fellow girl, haha XD

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  7. Antony

    I spent a lot of time to find something such as this

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