Christmas is coming and many of us are starting to think about gift giving. Well we want to help you with purchasing something nice for the van lifer, traveller or minimalist in your life. We have the perfect list of gift ideas including some of our favourite products and experiences in the UK.

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Section 1: Book Shelf

Section 2: Vanlife Essentials

Section 3: Clothing & Comfort

Section 4: Adventure & Exploration

Section 1: Holiday Essentials

Road Trip Scotland Book Bundle

Well we might as well start with our very own popular Scotland book bundles. If you have a family member or friend that is planning a trip to Scotland, these books will massively help them with planning their trip to see the best sights and make the most of their trip

Read more about these bundles and our other products here

Take the Slow Road Books

A trip in the UK or beyond may be on the cards for your loved one next year and the Take the Slow Road book series is a great way of helping them plan the adventure of a lifetime.

Browse the collection here

Section 2: Vanlife Essentials

BenQ Projector

Movie nights just got better with the BenQ projector. It’s portable, easy to set up, and provides a cinematic experience in the comfort of your van. Whether you’re watching your favourite films or sharing travel photos, this gadget is a game-changer.

It has become one of our favourite things in our van!

Check out the BenQ Projector here.

Ooni Oven

Craving pizza on the road? The Ooni oven is a must-have for van lifers who prepping and cooking their own wood fired pizza. This portable wood-fired oven allows you to create mouthwatering pizzas in the great outdoors and share them with friends. 

Purchase it here

Water to Go Water Bottle

Water to Go is a European company that aim to reduce the environmental damage caused by the plastic water bottle crisis we are in. As well as saving on plastic consumption, over time consumers will save a lot of money from this one time purchase as well as protecting their bodies from harmful water.

WatertoGo’s vision is to simultaneously provide the entire world with safe and accessible drinking water, whilst also reducing the unsustainable amount of single-use plastic that we rely on throughout the world.

Although the WatertoGo range is still only small, the products they feature are hugely useful for water filtration on the go. They produce two sizes of water bottles and use one type of replaceable filter.

The 3-stage filter of the WatertoGo water filter bottles removes up to 99.99% of ALL microbiological contaminants in water sources. Using 1 traditional filter and 2 nano-filter technologies, these filters remove viruses, bacteria, parasites and other harmful metals and chemicals.

The filter consists of a mechanical filter that simply blocks the passage of larger contaminants, an electrical charge that acts to further reduce pore size and trap contaminants like a magnet, and activated carbon technology that traps other contaminants and reduces bad odour and taste.

The filter comes as a removable entity and is also fully recyclable, with a recyclable plastic casing protecting the compostable carbon filter.

Check out the bottles available here.

Mobile Phone Tripod

This small collapsable mobile phone tripod has allowed us to capture so many memories on our road trips that we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to do. It’s really light to carry and affordable.

Buy it on Amazon here

Electric Candle

An electric candle has been a lovely little addition to our cosy home on wheels. It sits nicely on a shelf above our bed and provides a nice flicker in the evening.

Check out the range of electric candles here

Woodwick Candle

If you can’t have a fireplace in your van, how about a flickering woodwick candle instead? We love the double wick crackling candles as it is so relaxing to listen to and provides a nice light in our van during the winter months.

Purchase a Woodwick candle here

Section 3: Clothing & Comfort

Nomad Threads Clothing

Created by nomads for nomads and producing quality, sustainable clothing for your adventures. There is a great selection of stunning designs on offer and can be worn on tees, sweaters for men or women.

Browse the collection here.

Salty Crush Clothing

This is one of my favourite clothing brands with the most beautiful pieces made to have you feeling comfortable and looking stylish on the road.

Shop my favourite dresses here

Winthome Cosy Robe

When the dark nights draw in, we all want to pull on our comfies when we get in the van. These Winthome cosy fleeces robes have been a staple in our wardrobe in the van!

Check out the prices and colours here

Section 4: Adventure & Exploration

Bluefin Paddleboard

Paddle boarding is a popular past time for vanlifers as it provides a unique form of exercise and exploration. One of our favourite things about our Bluefin Paddleboard is the option to clip in a collapsable seat turning it into a kayak. 

Browse the Stand up Paddleboards Bluefin offer here

Full Wild Swimming Kit

Whether you do it to take a bath or for the sheer thrill of that cold water dip, wild swimming is becoming more and more popular, especially amongst the vanlife community.

We have been wild swimming throughout the winter months for 4 years now and have learned what makes a cold dip that little bit more comforting. Waterproof socks and gloves have been one of our most recent purchases and we would recommend them to anyone who is either beginning their wild swimming journey or who just wants to find something to make their dip a bit easier. Dive into the wild with a full swimming kit. It includes gloves, socks, and even a waterproof phone pouch to ensure you’re fully equipped for any water-based adventure that comes your way.

Check out our full kit list below: 

gemma swimming in a river in Golspie

Section 5: Technology & Subscriptions

Enhance your images with She Is the Lost Girl Preset Pack​

Enhance your travel photos with the She Is the Lost Girl preset pack. Available for mobile and desktop Beth’s presets will give your photos a beautiful edit.

Check out the preset packs here

Surfshark Subscription

Stay connected and secure with a VPN subscription, ensuring safe and unrestricted internet access while on the road.

Check out the VPN deals here


Enjoy your favourite books on the go with a Kindle. We love our Kindles as living in such a small space, we don’t have enough room to be carrying around a lot of books. 

Read more about our kindle here.

Park4night Subscription

Park4night is a must for vanlifers. This subscription allows you to check out car parks, nature spots, laundry facilities, toilet facilities etc. You can also read reviews on locations before you travel to them The subscription is exceptionally affordable for the value that it provides.

Try it out here

How to make Money Online Course

For many, the freedom of working online allows for a lifestyle of travel and this course opens the doors to these opportunities by sharing how to work online and how to start your own business. 

Find more ways to make money online here

Section 6: Unique Experiences & Personal Touches

H2H Gift Card

Give the gift of choice with a personalised H2H gift card, allowing your loved ones to pick the perfect item from our store for their adventure. This includes all of our travel guide books and goal setting planners.

Purchase it here

Scotland Magic - Main Character Photoshoot

If you or your loved one are visiting Scotland and looking to capture memories of your trip around this beautiful country, you need a Scotland Magic Main Character photoshoot. Gabby’s photoshoots are very popular around the streets of Edinburgh and you may also want to check out her Main Character Club whilst you’re visiting. 

Book your main character moment here

Nodding Highland Cow

How can you not want one of these cute nodding highland cows for your dashboard?!

We have one in our motorhome Ellie and when the sunshines it solar powers the nodding highland cow and she nods away as we drive. 

You can get one here

Mackinnon Watches - Watch or Necklace

If you are looking to gift a memory of Scotland, MacKinnon Watches can offer you just that. They have a range of collections from tartan watches, to Apple watch straps and necklaces that are beautiful for any occasion.

Browse the beautiful collections here

Dreaming of Scotland Beanie

Showcase your love for Scotland with a stylish hat from the Dreaming of Scotlnd beanie collection. There is a selection of colourful beanies to plain and simple with a beautiful highland cow image as pictured below.

Grab yourself a cosy beanie here

Section 7: Comfort & Relaxation

Teddy Bear Fleece Duvet

One of our favourite things about the changing of the seasons is getting to change our duvet cover over to our teddy bear duvey sheets. This is honestly a game changer for bein

Get one for yourself here

Anker Power Bank

This little device is the perfect item to carry around in your bag ready to charge up your phone when you need it. 

As well as acting as an additional phone battery, this power bank also magnets against your phone and can be used as a phone stand.

Buy it here


Enjoy your favourite tunes, podcasts, and audiobooks with Apple AirPods. We love that they are wireless and have a noise cancelling functioning making it great for travel or being in the van.

These are the ones that we use

Eye Mask

If you want to sleep on the go or even just block out the light throug the blinds in your van, you need to get one of these eye masks. I have had various eye masks over the years but last year I decided to invest  in a bit more of a luxurious eyemask (ie. not the free ones that airlines give you) and wow. I wear this every night now and I can’t recommend it enough. If you are looking for something with complete black out material and super comfortable and soft. You need this.

Shop our favourite eye mask here

Loop Ear Plugs

Alongside an eyemask, we decided that a good pair of ear plugs was an important part of our travel gear. The Loop ear plugs are brilliant and have a noise cancelling feature to block out noise and distractions. Block out noise and distractions for undisturbed rest on the road.

They are small an compact and come in a small case that would fit nicely in with your eyemask so you can have both wherever you go. 

Check out the prices here

Section 8: Security & Safety

Wheel Lock

Safety and security on the road is so so important. Something as cheap and simple as a wheel lock can really protect a van from being stolen, trust me, we’ve tried to drive away with ours in place (by accident of course) and it just doesn’t work. This helps to give peace of mind when you’re out and about exploring that your van is where you left it. 

Check out the wheel lock we use here.

Steering Wheel Lock

A steering wheel lock is another great safety deterrent to have on your van. These are reasonably small and easy to store and worth the money for the peace of mind it gives you when you are not in your van.

Check out the steering wheel lock we use here.

Blink Camera

A Blink camera is a great way to keep an eye on your home on wheels when you are not home. It connects straight to your phone and allows you to feel secure knowing that no one is inside your van.

Read more about the Blink Camera here

Section 9: Power & Connectivity

Solar Panels

Solar panels are one of the best purchases that a vanlifer can make, especially if they are visiting a hot country! Yes please to solar electricity! 

Choosing the right solar panel for your van can be a very individual choice however we have recommended a great set of solar panels below. Check them out here.

Battery Power Bank

There are a range of portable power banks on the market these days and they are super handy for those who may not have an electric set up in their van, or even to put outside and charge your devices or put on some lights.

Read more about the power bank we have chosen here.

I hope this Christmas gift guide will help you when it comes to choosing the perfect present for your family or friend who lives in a van or travels a lot. We can recommend these products and services and we hope that you enjoy them as much as we do! 


Merry Christmas 🎄🎅🏻

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