We’ve been Isolating..

Happy Friday guys!

Well if you follow us on Instagram you will know by now that we have both been isolating for the past week after catching covid! The last thing we caught you up on was our camping trip out to Sandwood Bay and well.. that was the last thing we did 😂

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What Happened..

If you didn’t laugh you’d cry, returning from Scotland’s most remote beach and catching covid.. how can that happen?! 😂

We test regularly and had recently both tested negative, although Campbell wasn’t feeling his best self. As we mentioned last week, we had no sleep in our tent at Sandwood Bay due to the crazy weather blowing our tent sideways, and so when we returned to the van after our early morning hike, we put these symptoms down to said lack of sleep.

In the morning, when we still didn’t feel 100%, we decided to do one last test, just in case, and thank goodness we did.. Positive!


We did panic initially due to being in the van and not really knowing the legalities of isolating in a remote vehicle, how we would get supplies, and where we would go to spend the 10 days isolation. However we were reassured when we called the helpline to book a PCR test and were told that all of this was okay.

And so, the next week of our lives was spent sitting in our motorhome in the highlands of Scotland, experiencing the joys that this disease has to behold.

In this week’s newsletter, we are quickly going to outline what steps we took to prepare for isolation in the short window we had, where we went to isolate, and how we felt throughout the isolation in our motorhome.

Regarding the supplies, whilst we were en-route to getting our PCR test done, we decided to quickly order a click and collect from the nearby Tesco, which would mean that we could get a contactless delivery to our van door. We also managed to top up on fuel for the van and generator using the contactless payment at the petrol station.

In terms of symptoms, I’d say in the grand scheme of things, our symptoms were relatively mild, however, it has absolutely floored us. Easily fatigued and struggling to do basic tasks, such as filling the water without feeling exhausted, we were not in a good state for the first few days.

We’re just starting to slowly get our energy back and not have such a fuzzy head!

As we slowly recovered and began to get our energy back, our sense of smell and taste quietly disappeared. All of a sudden we couldn’t smell a thing! Campbell first noticed this when he was filling the generator with petrol and spilled a bit on his hand, yet couldn’t smell any of the fuel. Very strange!

Luckily for us, this was all quite short-lived, as just 6 days after receiving the positive test, we both tested negative with lateral-flow and are feeling as right as rain. Campbell has also now completed his 10-days isolation since he first became symptomatic and so is now allowed “outside” again, however, I still a few more days of solitude.

We are both still in the van, and have decided to begin moving onto our next location up the north west of Scotland to continue our road trip.

Isolating in the van has been easier than you would possibly think. Especially at the start when our energy levels were so low, it was ideal having everything so close together. We decided to spend our time in the car park at the Black Water Falls, as we knew that it was nice and quiet, and also had a running stream nearby for topping up our water.

Regarding how we actually caught it in the first place, well that still remains a bit of a mystery, however, we did have one of our community message us saying they saw us in a restaurant in Ullapool and and that they had also just tested positive after going there, so there is a high chance that we caught it there.

I guess the morale of the story is that no matter how careful you are, how isolated you may feel, there is still no guarantee that you are never going to catch this unfortunate illness. We can, therefore, either hide away and put everything else on hold, or we can take the appropriate steps to protect ourselves (wash hands, wear mask, vaccinate ourselves), and continue to live life to the fullest, as we never know when our time will come.

As much as we were miserable at the time, this has all been quite funny adventure to add to the big ole bag of unfortunate incidents that makes up Highlands2hammocks!

So we hope you all have a lovely week guys, and stay safe out there!


Gem and Cam x

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