Starting the weekend with a bang!

Happy Friday Everyone!

The last week has been a really exciting one. Even though we experienced a bit of stormy weather, we also have lots of amazing places to share with you guys.

We’ve been learning more and more about living in Ellie off grid and taking her to some very scenic park up spots. Unfortunately, she’s a bit too big to see some of the sights and has to be parked up further away, but that just encourages us to get our steps in I guess.

We also picked up our generator this week which means we can now power up when we need to and not worry about not being able to charge things. When we next head home we will be looking into other alternative charging options like split charge relay and solar power.

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Highlights of the Week

Last Friday, we were treated to watching a pod of dolphins from our window. It was first thing in the morning they were only around 200m off shore It was fascinating to watch them all dancing around in the water and we managed to get the drone our and catch some footage of them from above.

dolphins in aberdeen

Our next park up was at Balmeadie Beach. It was a bit of a grey day when we went for a walk along the beach but I can imagine on a hot summers day this beach is stunning. There are miles of white sandy beach surrounded by towering sand dunes and it’s only 8 miles north of Aberdeen!

balmeadie beach selfie

A highlight of our week has to be going to Newburgh Beach. We went here with the idea of maybe being lucky enough to spot a seal at a distance. There are actually around 400 seals that live here so I guess you are pretty much guaranteed to see some. We saw loads of them swimming up and town the tidal river popping their heads up for a wee nosey then swimming away again. They were swimming in as close to 10m from us, such a cool place to visit!

newburgh seal beach

From there, we headed to Collieston a really cute harbour village where we got to see more seals swimming out at sea. Definitely a lovely wee place to stop off for a walk if you are up this neck of the woods.

collieston harbour drone photo

With it looking like a nice sunset might appear, we raced to the nearest sandy beach. I had had my eyes on Cruden Bay for a while and now seemed like the perfect time to go!

couple standing at cruden bay harbour

We parked up at the harbour where there were already a number of other campervans overlooking the beach. It quickly became one of our favourite camp spots as we could watch the tide going in and out from our window, get out on the paddle board and we even managed to squeeze in a wee BBQ on the beach!

couple on cruden bay having a bbq
paddleboard on cruden bay

Over the last few days we have been catching up on the work behind the scenes, as well as visiting a few of the nearby castles. Did you know there are over 260 castles in Aberdeenshire alone?!

New Slains Castle

New Slains Castle sits on the north eastern coast, right on the cliff edge. The castle ruins are free to enter and pretty incredible!

new slains castle

Craigievar Castle

Craigievar Castle is a pretty pink castle and is said to be where the inspiration for Cinderella’s castle came from. It is definitely a castle we would recommend visiting!

girl walking towards craigievar castle aberdeenshire

Castle Fraser

Castle Fraser is another great castle to visit on the NE250 road trip. There are also walks and gardens here too which are really nice.

girl walking towards castle fraser

Currently, we are just north of Peterhead and plan to continue exploring more of the northern part of the road trip over the next week, there is still so much to see!


Until next week guys, have a good one!


Gemma and Campbell x

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