We made it to Greece!

Hey friends 😁

Happy Friday to you, we hope you are having a great week wherever you are in the world. This week, we made it to Greece and we could not be happier to have some reliable warmth and sunshine ☀️

It feels so long since we have been on a trip like this and let me tell you being able to jump into water and not be lost for breath with the cold is such a nice feeling 😂

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This week we landed into Kefalonia, which is a new Greek island for us and one that we didn’t really know much about. We don’t have a huge amount to share from Kefalonia yet but we are sharing breakdowns of costs and things we are doing on our Instagram stories and Facebook if that is something that you find interesting or if you are planning a trip 😊


Our main reason for coming to Kefalonia was to settle into a place where we would feel inspired and have some reliable sunshine to get a crack on with the two books we are currently writing, Destination Skye and Where to Eat and Stay on the NC500.

This might sound a bit daft as we will be spending so much of our time hiding in our room writing anyway, however, it does mean that when we finish working or on days off the laptops we know we can still get out and enjoy the nice weather and do some filming without worrying about the rain 😂

Even the little things like finding waste disposal and fresh water can be very time consuming too so this trip gives us a break away from worrying about these things to focus on writing 😊

Whatever your plans are for this weekend, be sure to take some time for you, lots of love ❤️


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