Our biggest surprises about vanlife in Ireland 😱
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Well that’s a wrap on our big Ireland road trip along the Wild Atlantic Way! What a trip it has been guys, this part of the world is just magic, especially for vanlife so we highly recommend a trip here if you can make it. Thank you for following along on this massive road trip, whether it has been through our newsletters, YouTube videos or Instagram/Facebook content. We are grateful to have you along for the crazy ride and can’t wait to see what adventures we have in store next. 

As a thank you for being a part of our community here, we wanted to send you guys a FREE mini guide to the Wild Atlantic Way as well one to both the North Coast 500 and the Isle of Skye as well.

You can download them below.

Wild Atlantic Way mini guide

North Coast 500 mini guide

Isle of Skye mini guide & itinerary

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We are also so excited to see those of you that have purchased our North Coast Map starting to receive them now. This has been a loooong time in the making so it is a great feeling having it out there and we hope it helps you plan your trip! It pairs perfectly alongside our Destination NC500 book!


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North Coast Map - A1 NC500 Route Planner

If you are planning a trip to the Wild Atlantic Way, here are some of the lessons we learned whilst on the road.

It is possible to swap a UK Calor Gas Bottle?

In the Republic of Ireland the Calor gas bottles are different to those in the UK, however if you run out of gas you will not be completely stuck. Use the Calor website to check for suppliers and phone around until you find a stockist with them available. Make sure you are clear that you are looking to swap the UK bottles though as it is a yellow bottle that is commonly used in Ireland. 


Prepare for the bin tax!


Bins are so hard to come by in Ireland since there was a rubbish tax introduced and despite what you might think, it is actually so clean there! If you do come across a bin in a public area, it will most likely have a very small hole.

Whilst travelling in Ireland, we were even more conscious than usual of what we were purchasing to make sure we didn’t have too much rubbish as it wouldn’t take long to turn Ellie into a bin lorry! You could either use small bin bags and empty your bin very frequently into these bins or what we did was removed as much packaging as we could after paying whilst at the supermarket and used the bins and recycling facilities there.

Expect signal difficulties


As expected, many areas in remote and rural Ireland will experience signal difficulties. On occasion this gave us the perfect opportunity to chill out and read (or make a make-shift scrabble board, if you’ve seen our latest video you’ll know what I mean 🙂 ). However, it can also be a bit of a pain when you are trying to work online. We found signal to be more sparse in the north and as we travelled south, we didn’t face as much of a challenge.

Lean into how you’re feeling


I hope you have managed to escape the summer without this little bug catching you. We have seen all over social media of people catching a cold, and unfortunately, Campbell and I caught it too. My instant reaction is to think I am just being lazy and try to continue to crack on but as we have been juggling so many balls at the moment, we took the time to really lean into the exhaustion that came with it and I want to believe we recover much quicker for doing so. Hopefully you have managed to avoid it, but just a wee reminder to prioritise getting better and then the productivity will come with that.

Go with the flow (aka. the weather)


We haven’t had the best summer weather in terms of blue skies sunshine and warm weather but we have learned to just go with the flow and appreciate it anyway. After all, I’m not sure we would be having the best time in our van in 35 degrees temperatures anyway 🙂

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