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We have a LOT to share with you since we last spoke as we spent the week exploring the beautiful island of Bali and its surrounding islands. If you’re not already make sure you head over to our TikTok, Instagram or Facebook page to follow our stories and see what we get up to on a day to day basis.

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Into the Jungle

Our first big adventure after landing in Bali began with an early morning scooter ride (like 4am early), an hour north of our hotel to the jungle region of Ubud. We watched as the sun rose over the stunning Campuhan ridge walk and began our day by planning out the weekend’s adventures.

It was going to be a busy weekend, filled with early morning sunrises and some late nights checking out the bars and restuarants of Ubud, but we were very excited to be back in the centre of Bali and were ready to explore.


After a quick bite to eat, it was time to head further north to the breathtaking waterfall that lies hidden in the jungle, known as Leke Leke. This secluded canyon can be reached by a 20 minute hike down some pretty sketchy terrain, however, once you reach the bottom and hear the roar of the waterfall and feel the cool spray of the mist, it is so worth it.

Our Bucketlist Treehouse Stay

Our accommodation for the night lay about another hour to the east of Ubud, far from the main tourist hotspots and way more relaxed than the bustling town centre of Ubud. It consisted of a bamboo treehouse on the edge of a cliff, that sat high above the jungle floor and the raging river below.

With no real walls or windows, we would be spending the night sleeping in the open, with nothing but a mosquito net draped over our bed to protect us from the wild. Now, although this may sound intimidating, there is something so relaxing about sleeping in the open like this, the noises of the jungle buzzing away in the background helping us to drift off to sleep.




Chasing the Waves in Uluwatu

After checking out of our new favourite hotel, we spent a couple of days at home in our Canggu base catching up on work, before we headed east on our next adventure. The southern peninsula of Uluwatu is famous in Bali for its stunning beaches, steep cliffs, and cracking surfing conditions, so we were excited to head back here to spend the night sleeping next to the waves.

We spent the night in another bamboo treehouse, this time overlooking the crashing waves at Bingin beach, thinking of just how lucky we are to be able to visit these places and enjoy this incredible island. It was a night of real gratitude and reflection.



Next Week: Swimming with the Manta Rays!

As I write this, we are sitting in our hotel on the island of Nusa Penida after making a very last-minute decision to catch a boat and explore the island with some new friends for the weekend. We had planned a full week of work, however, when someone asks you “do you want to come and chase manta rays with us?”, the answer is almost undoubtably “yes”.

So far it has consisted of sunrises over the white cliffs that dot the coastline, snorkelling with manta rays, spotting pods of dolphins off the shore, and a mind-blowing sunset at one of Bali’s most iconic points.

Lesson for this week – just say yes!

We will be sharing about these adventures next week so tune in then and have a fantastic week!



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