Top 8 Things to do in Malta


Sat in the turquoise-blue Mediterranean Sea is the tropical island of Malta. It is located in between Sicily and the North African coast, with hot weather and blue waters that make it a popular island for tourists especially in the summer months. Malta is a relatively easy travel destination, with flights departing from most UK major airports with around a 3-hour flight time. No matter what your taste of adventure is, you will find plenty of things to do in Malta.


Stunning views of one of Gozo’s many beaches.


The Maltese islands are an archipelago consisting of three beautiful parts of heaven – Malta itself, Gozo and Comino. It is cheap and easy to island hop by ferry, and tour tickets can be bought from kiosks on the seafront in Sliema. The ferry leaves from Cirkewwa port every hour and takes approximately 30 minutes to an hour.

We visited Malta for 3 weeks in September 2016 and stayed in Sliema, a pretty central area of the island within close walking distance to endless restaurant options, bus stops and of course the sea! An ideal location we believe as we loved the quiet, laidback vibe and it definitely helped that there were many English-speaking people as we’re not very hot on the Maltese language! The temperature was still high 20’s in September with sunshine every day, giving us the gorgeous summer weather, whilst missing the busy holiday period. We have some top highlights of the trip that we want to share.




The Blue Lagoon

 The Blue Lagoon which is located just off Comino beach is definitely a must see. It is a very popular hotspot for day trippers with many boats flooding in every day. This shallow crystal-clear water is a paradise for swimming and snorkelling. There are lockers costing around €5 to store your belongings in whilst you swim.

If you’re hungry or want a cocktail, kiosks line around the island offering plenty of choice. The blue lagoon’s beauty attracts many tourists daily which unfortunately means it is very crowded and near enough impossible to get a deck chair (which you also need to pay for).


Sunbathing in the Blue Lagoon.



Mellieha Bay

Mellieha Bay was another one of our favourite day trips, with regular and reliable buses from Malta that stop at most tourist destinations. It only took us around 30 minutes to get here from Sliema. The buses do tend to be very busy though so prepare to stand for some if not all of your journey! If you are going to be a regular bus traveller you can buy a 12-trip card for €15!

Many people speak English in Malta so it’s easy enough to ask about the different deals you can buy. Mellieha Bay is the longest Beach in Malta and also offers a variety of water sports. We decided to spend a day of relaxing when we came here, sunbathing, reading and a bit of swimming every now and then to cool down!


Enjoying the crystal, Mediterranean waters of Malta.



Festival Vibes

Every Sunday a different area will hold what is known as a festa (religious feast). This is a village celebration that involves lots of fireworks, food, drink, dancing and lots of music and costumes! This is a great way to enjoy the local traditions.

We arrived in Malta on a Sunday and it just so happened that when we headed out that evening it was the Sliema festival! There were roads closed off and bands marching up and down the streets, fireworks and loads of pop up bars selling cheap cocktails! We thought that this was normal and went out the following night expecting it to happen again.





San Julian

San Julians (home to Paceville) could be described as the party town of the island. With lots of restaurants, bars, clubs, loud music, bright lights and many happy hour deals we enjoyed a few nights here if we had the energy left at the end of the day. A walkable distance along the Sliema sea front and you could even bar crawl your way there!






Valletta is Malta’s capital city (strangely one of its smallest cities!) and holds much of the islands history. It isn’t even the largest city in Malta. This picturesque city has lots of options for eating out or even just going for a hot drink or an ice cream. The upper Barrakka gardens is a beautiful spot to enjoy views of the Grand Harbour, the three cities; Birgu, Cospicua and Senglea. This peaceful spot is the highest point in Valetta and away from all the hustle and bustle below and admire the colourful gardens.

The Upper Barrakka lift links the gardens with the city centre, a round trip costs €1 and it is definitely the quickest way into the city from Valetta’s waterfront. Twinned with the upper Barraka gardens, a 15-minute walk away, is the lower Barraka gardens. A less well-known setting which offers a relaxing setting to sit and watch the ships entering and leaving the harbour.





Life is Better by the Sea

There aren’t many sandy beaches in Malta however this comes with loads of opportunity for pier jumping! Many areas in the sea are roped off to allow swimmers to swim safely. I would advise you wear your swimwear everywhere you go as a jump in the sea is very tempting in that midday heat! There’s also lots of opportunities to go diving whether you’re a beginner or advanced. There are wrecks to see further out however we only went for a short dive so unfortunately didn’t get a chance to see it.





Gozo Day Trip

On our trip to Gozo we spent an amazing day travelling round on the open top bus and hopping off at our preferred destinations. Azure window was definitely our highlight on this day. Sadly, this beautiful natural arch has now collapsed due to erosion. However, I have heard that this is now a very attractive dive site with marine life already beginning to live amongst the collapsed rock. Gozo is also home to some beautiful beaches and small towns.


Perfect location for a spot of body surfing!



Café del Mar

Last but not least our favourite highlight definitely has to be the sunsets at Café del mar. During the day, you need to pay entry and pay for a sun lounger (drinks aren’t the cheapest either!). However, we opted for the cheaper option and went after 6 and all you need to pay for then is your drinks! The stunning infinity pool gives some cracking photos of Malta’s beautiful sunset.


Dreamy sunsets in paradise.


Malta is one of our favourite holiday destinations! Being lovers of sea and sun it’s not really difficult to please us, however we believe this gorgeous island has got a bit of everything for everyone.

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