A world away from the busy city streets of Guernsey and Jersey, the small island of Sark is a breath of fresh air for tourists and locals alike. Whether you are visiting the Bailiwick for just a weekend or have been living in the Channel Islands your entire life, the island of Sark is a must-visit location in the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

From the peaceful, dirt-pathed streets and beautiful coastal views during the day, to the explosion of intergalactic artwork at night as the Milky Way comes into view, Sark is one of the most unique places we have visited in the world. Officially known as the world’s first Dark Sky Island, the lack of light pollution and cars on the island makes stargazing in Sark an experience like none other.

Plan your trip to the island today and make the most of your adventure with this complete two-day itinerary to Sark Island, The world’s first Dark Sky Island and one of the most unique islands on Earth.



Plan your weekend break to Guernsey with this detailed two-day itinerary



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Two Day Itinerary to Sark Island – The Channel Island’s Darkest Skies


Are Two Days in Sark Enough?

As with any location, we would always recommend spending as long as you can in one location to maximise your experience of the location. The longer you spend in Sark, the more you will grow to appreciate the discrete and beautiful cultural quirks that the island has, with friendly locals, stunning secret locations and fascinating history.

With that being said, if you can only manage a flying visit, four days are definitely long enough to see all of the best sights that London has to offer. This itinerary will take you around our favourite sights and activities and will give you a good impression of what life on the capital is really like.



When is the Best Time to Visit Sark?

When it comes to visiting the beautiful island of Guernsey, the weather is quite pleasant and the atmosphere during the peak season. Spring, summer, and early autumn (April through to October), are the best times to visit Sark, with temperatures remaining mild to hot and the winds low.

During this period, the streets and beaches of Guernsey are noticeably busier as both tourists and locals alike are getting out and about to make the most of the warm weather. If you wish to avoid the crowds, we would recommend visiting during the “shoulder seasons”, such as early spring and late autumn.



What are the Best Sights to See in Sark?

A definite highlight of our time on the island of Sark has to be watching the stars above on a clear summer night. Due to there being no light pollution on the island, that means no street lamps, cars, and very few houses, the stars above the island of Sark are super clear to the eye. Plan your trip during a time where the moon is small and low in the sky and you will be amazed by the incredible view of the Milky Way.


The stunning view of Sark's rugged coast from the Pilcher's Monument.
The stunning view of Sark’s rugged coast from the Pilcher’s Monument.



Two Day Itinerary to Sark Island, Guernsey

This two-day itinerary to Sark will take you through some of the best activities, most unmissable sights, and the delicious culinary experiences that Sark has to offer. Start planning your trip to Sark today and don’t miss out!

On a side note, we highly recommend renting a bicycle to get around the island. It is possible to walk, however, in order to complete this jam-packed itinerary you are going to need to move around quite quickly. For more details on how to rent a bike, skip to the “How to Prepare for Your Trip to Sark” section of this guide.



Day One – Sightseeing on the Island

Kicking off this weekend itinerary, our first day on the island is a busy one, full of beautiful sights, delicious food and stunning galactic views. Tour the cliffside views to see the viewpoints from the Millenial Buddhist Stone and the beautiful Window in the Rock, before you wander through the peaceful La Seigneurie Gardens and snack at the Hathaway’s Cafe. The finish the whole day off with the most beautiful view in the world, a midnight trip to the stars.


Visit the Buddhist Carving

On the northern side of the island of Sark, overlooking the beautiful view of L’eperquerie, sits the carvings of a Tibetan Buddhist M0nk who visited the island in 1999. Known locally as the Buddhist Carving or the Monk Stone, this carving on the rock was created in honour of the new Millenium and the sacred Buddhist mantra translates to “Behold, The jewel of the lotus”.

In order to find the carving, you can park your bike up on the most northern part of the islands road network and continue north. Following the footpath through the overgrowth, you will eventually reach the large rock that overlooks the bay with the carving facing out to sea.


Buddhist Carvings sark
The Buddhist Carvings overlooking neighbouring islands.



Lunch at Hathaway’s Cafe

Once you have had your fill of the stunning sea views from L’eperquerie it is time for a bit of refreshment at the Hathaway’s Cafe. Heading back south along the main road, you will eventually reach the La Seigneurie Gardens, within which sits this cute cafe.

With a beautiful backdrop of the colourful gardens, this cafe serves a delicious range of lunch options and cold drinks to refresh you on your journey. We highly recommend the cream tea option, which comes with incredible, homemade scones, fresh cream and jam, and a selection of the sweetest strawberries we have ever had. Amazing!


cream tea at Hathaways Sark
Fresh picked strawberries from the garden and a cream tea.



Wander Around La Seigneurie Gardens

Fully refreshed and ready for the next activity, why not enjoy a quick wander around the La Seigneurie Gardens, which are located right beside the cafe. The walled garden of La Seigneurie Gardens is overflowing with colour and vibrance and is a peaceful and secluded spot to reflect on the beauty of the island.

Explore the gardens, lose yourself in the maze, and learn about the history of the Sark Seigneurs in this must-visit attractions. Entrance to the garden is ticketed, which can be purchased at the entrance. The gardens typically open from Easter through to the end of October, and organised tours can be organised for parties of 8 or more.

Read more about the gardens over on the website here.


colourful flowers in La Seigneurie Gardens
Wander through the fresh flowers and peaceful scenery of La Seigneurie Gardens.



Peer Through Window in the Rock

From the La Seigneurie Gardens, begin your journey to the western coast of the island to the Window in the Rock. There are loads of signposts around Sark that will lead you to this spot so it should not be too hard to find. You will eventually reach a footpath that states “no bikes allowed”, so park up here and follow the signposts along the shaded path through the woods, roughly a 10-minute walk from the main road.

This attraction is to be accessed at your own risk as it is a steep 250-foot the drop to the shoreline below.

Looking down through the window you will see below another door shaped hole in the rock on the beach below. If you want to continue the walk down further, you can take the pathway down to Port Moulin beach and take in the view from the other side of the door down there.


window in the rock sark
A stunning view with a scary steep drop!



Dinner Options on Sark

During our visit to Sark, there were not a lot of options when it came to dinner, as most of the restaurants had not yet opened after the 2020 pandemic, and the ones that were open were fully booked. We visited the informal establishment known locally as Beau Sejour for our dinner and enjoyed the delicious meals that they sold here. Beau Sejour can be found across the road from La Seigneurie Gardens and is a highly recommended choice for dinner.

Other options include the Mermaid Tavern, Nicole’s, Bel Air Inn, and the 19th Hole. We recommend booking your dinner in advance to avoid disappointment.


Star Gaze over Sark Henge

Wherever you decide to go for dinner, make sure you take it easy for the last activity of the day; Sark’s galactic display. The island of Sark offers a very unique opportunity when it comes to viewing the stars. In 2011, Sark Island was declared the world’s first Dark Sky Island, given the lack of street lights, cars, and all other unnatural sources of light.

The island of Sark offers one of the best opportunities in all of the UK to see the Milky Way in all of its glory, so make the most of it during your visit. In order to see the best of the Milky Way, you will need to visit Sark between the months of March and November, as outside of this window the Galactic Core sits beneath the horizon at night.


sark night sky
The night sky over Sark with the rising of a full moon.



You can see the stars from pretty much anywhere on the island, however, we recommend adding a bit more mystery and adventure to your sark hunt and suggest a visit to Sark Henge. This ring of stones was installed on the island in 2015 to commemorate the change of ownership of the Fief of Sark from Queen Elizabeth 450 years before. The nine standing stones show significance to the nine medieval “territories” of Helier.

The standing stones are about a 15-minute walk from a dirt road, so you will need to leave your bike at the side of the path and walk from there. Obviously, there are no street lights so you will need to bring a head torch with you on your adventure.


Other than the Sark Henge, there is also an observatory on the island that will give you a guided tour of the marvel above. You will need to book this tour in advance, which can be done by calling the number on the Sark Tourism website.


It is worth noting that the best night sky will only be viewable during a New Moon when the reflected light of the sun will not blind your eyes to the faint stars. Plan your trip to Sark accordingly to prevent the disappointment that we faced..


stars over sark
This is the view that awaits you beneath a clear night on the Isle of Sark.


Day Two – Check out the Cliffs

Day two in Sark is going to be a bit more laid back, after a late night of stargazing and an early morning sunrise mission, however, it is still going to be one to remember! Get some rest after your galactic show and get ready for another incredible day out in Sark.


Sunrise Over La Coupee

After your late night of stargazing, I am sure the last thing you wish to hear are the words “sunrise mission”, however, if you are bold enough to say “yes” to adventure, I promise you the view will not disappoint! The first stop of the day is the bridge that links Petit Sark to the Grande Sark known as La Coupee.


The breathtaking view over Sark's most famous sight, La Coupee.
The breathtaking view over Sark’s most famous sight, La Coupee.



This narrow bridge leading to Little Sark was once nothing more than a dirt track, no more than three metres wide, which linked the two islands, with a sheer drop of 80m to the sea below. Back in these days, locals would have to cross in single file between the islands, sometimes on all fours if the weather was bad. After one serious landslide in 1811, the 90m stretch of the cliff was reduced to a meer 1m in width.

Since then La Coupee has had frequent work done to improve the use and safety of the crossing, with handrails being installed in 1900, and finally, a concrete road was installed by German Prisoners of War in 1945.


In our opinion, the view at sunrise from La Coupee is one of the best on the island and is definitely worth the early morning.



Morning Swim at the Venus Pools

Once the sun has risen, it is time to head further south for an early morning dip in the beautiful Venus Pools. These rockpools are only accessible at low tide, so plan this part of your trip accordingly.

The Venus Pool is located at the end of La Coupée. To get there, follow the track past the Sablonnerie, there is a gate where you leave your bike. Follow the winding path down the cliff to the left until you find the rock pool. The Venus Pool is only accessible at low tide and is the perfect way to cool off on a warm day.



Breakfast at Beau Sejour

In our opinion, the best place to have breakfast is at the Beau Sejour home restaurant, which serves amazing fried breakfast, delicious coffee and has a cosy garden conservatory to relax in. This is a cheap and popular spot to enjoy breakfast in Sark, however, if you don’t fancy eating here another option is AJ’s Cafe in the town centre.


veggie breakfast at Beau Sejour Sark
We loved the veggie breakfast that we had to come back for it again!



Sea Kayaking with Sark Adventure

Having explored the island by land, it is now time to catch a different perspective from the sea with some sea kayaking. Sark Adventures offer an incredible sea kayaking tour of the rugged, cliffy coastline of the island of Sark, taking you along a variety of cliff edges and even through some sea caves (depending on the height of the tide).

When we did our kayak tour of Sark, we began the trip at Dixcart Beach on the southern side of Grande Sark, however, your starting location will vary depending on the tide and where the tour operator thinks is the best to launch from. The tour lasts a couple of hours, so be prepared for the physical exertion and extended period of sun-exposure.

And also bring a waterproof camera to snap these unique angles of the Sark cliffs!


gemma and campbell kayaking
Kayaking with Adventure Sark – such a fun experience!



Indulge Yourself at Caragh Chocolates

To finish off the trip, we have decided to save the best for last (although you can really visit this centre at any point of your trip around Sark). The Caragh Chocolate shop sits just north of La Coupee and offers a huge selection of handcrafted and utterly exquisite chocolates.

Stop off here for some last-minute souvenirs and, of course, a chocolate or two to top up those post-kayaking sugar levels, before you head back to your accommodation to pack up. The hot chocolate from here is also amazing, just to let you know!


And with that our two-day itinerary to Sark has come to an end! There is so much other beauty on this island that you still have to see, however, that can wait for your next visit to Sark.


Caragh Chocolates. The best place to go in Sark for handmade chocolate.
Caragh Chocolates. The best place to go in Sark for handmade chocolate.



How to Prepare for Your Trip to Sark

Before you leave on your trip to the beautiful island of Sark, there are a number of things you will need to organise to ensure a smooth and stress-free trip. These include what to pack, where to stay and what is the best travel insurance for travelling to the Bailiwick of Guernsey.


How to get to Sark?

To get to Sark from Guernsey, you will need to book onto the passenger ferry with Sark Shipping. The Sark boat takes around 50-minutes to sail to Sark from Guernsey and you should be prepared for a bit of a rocky ride, the open water gets very bumpy. When you arrive into Sark, head through the tunnel on your right at Maseline Harbour.

You then you have the option of walking 20-minutes up the steep road or taking the tractor bus up the hill, also known as the toast rack. The tractor will be there waiting for you when you arrive at the port. The tractor departs half an hour before the scheduled ferry sailings so you can catch the tractor back down when you leave the island as well.

If you have a lot of bags, you have the option to leave them at the harbour and have them delivered to your accommodation. All you need to do is make sure they have a luggage tag on them and pay £3 per bag.



How to Get to Guernsey

Given that Guernsey is an island, you really have two choices of transport for getting there: plane or boat. Both of these transport methods are available from the UK, France and from the neighbouring Channel Islands.


Ferry to Guernsey

Condor is the best option for ferries to and from the Channel Islands from the mainland. Leaving from the mainland UK ports of Poole and Portsmouth, the French port of St Malo and the Channel Islands port of Jersey, there are two main ferries that will bring you to Guernsey.

The faster boat, known as the Liberation, takes 3 hours to get from Poole to Guernsey, while the slower boat, known as the Clipper, takes 7 hours from Portsmouth. From St Malo, it will take you just under 2 hours aboard the Rapide to reach Guernsey.

Browse all of Condor’s ferries and routes on their website here.


Fly to Guernsey

Flying to Guernsey can be done from multiple airports across the UK with the Channel Islands airline, Aurigny. This is the quickest and easiest way to get to the island if you are only coming for a short period of time.

You can browse all of the available flights and routes on the Aurigny website here.


sark drone photo la coupee
Sark is an island of rugged cliffs and endless enchantment.



How to Get Around Sark

There are three main options when it comes to getting around the island of Sark. On the island, the only motorised vehicles are tractors, only one of which is available for public use (the “toast rack”). The other options for getting around are walking, cycling, and horse-drawn carriage.

When you reach the top of the hill, you will be met with a line of horses drawn carriages. You can tour the island with these on a one-hour or two-hour ride on a carriage, however, we would recommend hiring a bicycle instead.

There are 3 options for hiring a bicycle on the island, A to B cycles, Sark Cycle Hire and Avenue Cycle Hire. They are all very similar in price and nearby each other. If you are travelling from France or Jersey, then you can bring your own bike with you, however, on the passenger boat from Guernsey you cannot.


There are no cars on Sark and only tractors and horse-drawn vehicles are allowed. You will see that even the local fire engine and ambulance are pulled by a tractor.

We hired bikes from A to B cycles and it cost us £38 for 3 days for both of us.


sark bicycles
Renting a bike is by far the best and easiest way to get around Sark.



What to Pack for Sark

What you need to pack for Sark will rely highly on when you make your trip to the Channel Islands. During the Spring and Autumn months, temperatures and weather patterns vary wildly between beautiful sunny skies and storming gales.

The temperatures generally vary from 10 oC to 25 oC during these months, with a mixture between cold, northerly winds and warmer southerlies. There is a small amount of rain, with maybe 1 in 7 days receiving rainfall, which makes it perfect for days out exploring the beautiful island.

During the Summer months in Sark, temperatures tend to range from 20oC to 30oC, with some days topping 35oC. Summer days in Sark are perfect for the beach, with many locals and travellers spending the day jumping in and out of the sea.


If you need more inspiration on what to pack for your trip, check out our full packing guides for all-weather conditions over here.


When it comes to toiletries, we recommend that you don’t forget to pack sunscreen. The sun in Sark can be strong, especially in the summer months. Due to the lack of pollution, getting a sunburn on Sark is a real risk, so make sure you protect yourself from the strong sunshine to avoid a ruined holiday.


Another essential item for your Sark trip is a set of torches for you to use whilst out and about at night. There are no street lights on the island, so for your star-hunting missions, you will need a head torch to help you navigate the roads and pathways.


Given the beautiful sights and scenery that you will see in Sark, we highly recommend packing a good camera for your trip. If you want to read more about the cameras we use and why we love them, check out the link below.

You can read what else we keep in our camera bag over here.


Photography Equipment

Main Photography Camera – Sony A7iii Mirrorless Camera

Main Lens – Sony FE 16-35 mm f/2.8 GM 

Zoom Lens – Sony F3.5-5.6 28mm-70mm

Camera Stand – Neewer Portable 177cm

Vlogging Camera – Sony HX90v

Action Camera – GoPro Hero 8 Black

Drone Camera – DJI Mavic Pro 2

Camera Bag – Lowepro Flipside 300 AW



Sark Post Office
There is one postbox on Sark and it’s gold!



What is the Best Travel Insurance for Sark

Regardless of what type of trip you are heading on, one thing that is essential for everybody is good travel insurance. Accidents can happen anywhere and at anytime and unexpected hospital bills will ruin a holiday. Remove the stress from your next adventure and get covered for the worst.

World Nomads Travel Insurance provides budget reliable travel insurance that will keep you covered for any level of adventure.

You can get your quote before you leave on your trip right here.



Where to Stay in Sark

When it comes to accommodation on Sark, there is something for everyone’s taste. There is a range of hotels, B&Bs and even campsites to choose from. No matter what your preferred level of luxury is, there is the perfect place for you.


LuxuryStokes Hotel is a 16th-century luxury hotel nestled in nature on Sark. There are 2 swimming pools as well as a poolside bar and restaurant. Breakfast is included in your stay.


Mid-rangePourquoi Pas B&B is a beautiful and affordable place to stay in Sark. With gorgeous views overlooking the cliffs and a pool in the garden, how could you say no to staying here?!


BudgetLa Valette campsite offers pods to stay in that are fully equipped with the exemption of lighting and sleeping bags. These pods are perfect if you are looking for a budget stay on the island.


CampingPomme de Chien is a peaceful campsite located near the harbour in Sark. It has free hot showers and a fridge to store any food or drinks you have brought. Costing only £10 per person a night, this campsite is a great way to visit Sark on a budget.

There is also the La Valette campsite that we stayed at, however, this one does not have a fridge for food and drink and will cost you £1 for a 5minute shower. During our stay, there was also a large crowd of young adults camping here that kept us up through the night. It is for this reason that we would recommend staying at the Pomme de Chien campsite instead.


La Valette campsite sark
What a view to wake up to?!



So there you have it, a complete guide to the ultimate two-day itinerary to Sark! This island is a world away from the mainland of Guernsey and it’s easy to see why it is such a popular holiday destination for Guernsey locals.

If you enjoyed your trip to Sark, let us know what your favourite sight on this amazing island was in the comments section below. We love chatting you guys about this kind of thing, so let’s share our top experiences with everyone else! If you haven’t been to Sark yet, have we encouraged you to visit this beautiful island?!

Also, make sure you share this article with your family and friends to show them how beautiful the Channel Islands can be. Sharing is caring and we want to inspire as many people as we can to visit this unbelievable part of the world.

If you are planning a trip to Sark soon then check out our other Channel Islands content right here. Come and find us on social media to see where we are currently exploring. Tag us in your photos from Guernsey and we will share them with the rest of our community of explorers and backpackers on our social channels!



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