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Happy Friday guys!

Hope you have had a great week so far!

This week has been reasonably quiet on our side. We’ve actually ended up jumping between the cites.

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Highlights of the Week


We started off the week with a day out in our home city, Glasgow. We visited some unique bars and played crazy golf. Some bars we had been to before and others were completely new to us. Make sure you add these to your list if you plan to visit Glasgow. This is where we went:

The Ivy

The Abandoned Ship

Jungle Rumble for crazy golf

Howling Wolf

Tiki Bar

Slouch (241 pizza)


Towards the end of the week, we drove through to Edinburgh so that I (Gemma) could complete some training for a nursing agency. This will allow her to pick up nursing shifts as and when we need to which is always good to have.


This morning we woke up to snow around Ellie. We thought we might get a snowy day in the city, however, unfortunately it wasn’t snowing in the city centre of Edinburgh, only sleet.

I feel like this week has revolved a lot around eating out but when in Edinburgh we just had to go to Dishoom for brunch. If you haven’t been, we can highly recommend their vegan sausage naan. We already can’t wait to go back!

We have been lucky to not really have felt the effects of Storm Eunice, I hope wherever you are you are safe!

Currently we are on our way south, England, we are finally coming for you!

Have a great week guys ❤️

Gemma and Campbell x

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