Happy Sunday! Hope you have had a great week 😊

We returned home from our Europe trip this week and had a couple of days to sort ourselves out and as I write this, we are currently in London!

Before I get into where we are off to on our next adventure, we just wanted to share the huge exciting news of our latest product, Destination Skye, which is now published and will be with those of you that have pre-ordered this week.

When we first published Destination NC500, we pictured ourselves touring around the country with a box of books under our bed in Ellie, popping to the Post Office once or twice a week to post a delivery. Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine how popular our little self-published guide book would prove to be and never did we think we would be announcing the sale of over 10,000 copies in the first year of release.

Thank you to everyone who has placed their trust in us and bought one of our Destination NC500 books. Every single sale means the world to us.

On to the next chapter! This week our second self-published book is launched, making our dream of having Destination Earth Guides a household name in travel guides that much more of a reality.

To say thank you for your love and support through this past year, we are giving our newsletter subscribers, as well as our Youtube community, access to one final chance to pick up a copy of the book at presale price with a 20% off coupon.

CLICK HERE AND USE CODE “SKYE48” in the next 48 hours for 20% OFF!

Destination Skye

Destination Skye - FREE SAMPLE

As a little teaser for all of you beautiful people, below is a sample from our latest Destination Skye guide book. As you can see, we have listened to all of your comments on the NC500 book and have included a map for each section, as well as What3Words details for every sight in the guide.

We are also going to give you all the first chapter of the book for free as a thank you for your support over the years. If you like this book and feel like it will help you plan your trip to Scotland then our preorder sale is about to finish so get your orders in QUICK!

Download the first chapter of this new guide book HERE.



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The side to Amsterdam we NEVER knew existed!

Since we last spoke, we waved goodbye to Belgium and hopped on a bus to our next stop in the Netherlands, welcomed by our good friends Shiva and Jelmar. We spent the next couple of days with our local tour guides exploring the quaint communities of Zaandam, as well as the other quaint communities that surround the main city of Amsterdam.

Old-fashioned windmills, clog museums, cheese making, and communities that are built all below sea level, the culture and history in this part of Europe is absolutely fascinating and we can’t wait to share more of our trip in our upcoming Europe travel series on Youtube.

Have you ever visited outside of Amsterdam?

Zaanse Schanse - Netherlands

Time for a holiday in Malaga

After we said goodbye to Shiva and Jelmar, we hopped on a plane to catch some last-chance European sunshine on the southern coast of Spain. Our first time visiting the country together!

For this week, we had planned on simply relaxing and enjoying the city, the sun, and most importantly, the big couch and Netflix that we had in our apartment. It has been a long time since we slowed down long enough to actually just relax in a location and not worry about filming, blogging, photography, research, and balancing all of the other jobs we need to do with our business, so this was definitely a much needed break.



That being said, we still managed to get out and explore the city to see just what Spain has to offer in terms of food and nightlife, and we were not disappointed. Highlights from our visit to Malaga definitely include the sunset cruise we took, where we were followed by a pod of dolphins (again, cannot wait to share this with you on Youtube), as well as our visit to the Caminito del Rey, or Walkway of the King, which is a boardwalk through the canyons of the Malaga mountains that sit suspended on the cliffside some 100m into the air.

If you are ever planning a trip to this region of Spain (and I highly suggest you do), then a visit to the Caminito del Rey is a must. The views, history, and engineering of this route are fascinating and beautiful, and the height isn’t as bad as it sounds as we both managed to cross the wobbly bridge at the end, even if we were a bit weak at the knees.


Since leaving Spain, we have enjoyed a short visit home, which consisted of just enough time to unpack, repack, sign all of the papers for our pre-sale orders of Destination Skye, and set off once again on our next adventure.

Can’t wait to show you where we are off to next! See you next week and have a lovely weekend.

Love Gemma and Campbell x


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