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Top Destinations in Europe for 2019


As the New Year hurtles towards us at a terrifying rate, it is time for the exciting question all wanderlusters dream about: Where to next?! With such a big, beautiful world out there, this question is possibly the most difficult faced by those of us who want to see it all. Fear not, however, as we are here to help! Based on our experiences from 2018, here are our top picks for you in 2019. Here are Europe ‘s Top Destinations for 2019!


Amsterdam – Netherlands

An easy choice for us. This cultural capital is high up on most adventurers list of places to visit, whether its for the first or fiftieth time. The cobbled streets, picturesque canals, incredible food and eccentric locals make visiting Amsterdam an almost magical experience.




Check out our cheap guide to Amsterdam and experience the best of the city on a budget.



Berlin – Germany

Another easy choice, Berlin is another cultural capital that is on the bucket list of all European travellers. As the capital of Germany, Berlin is easily accessible and will not find you short of things to do. Whether it is for a long weekend break or just a two day stopover, Berlin is definitely somewhere you need to visit.




If you are in need of inspiration, this weekend guide to Berlin has everything you need for an unforgettable weekend away. Bier halles, street art tours, panoramic city views and a guide to some of the worlds darkest history, this guide has it all.



Prague – Czech Republic

Famous for food, beer, architecture and most of all, its fascinating history, Prague is a vibrant hub of culture. The best part of all of this? The price tag! Not only is Prague one of the most beautiful cities we visited this year, it is also one of the cheapest!




A weekend break to Prague will keep your bank balance looking healthy, however the same cannot be said about your liver.. Beer Spa anyone?!



Salzburg – Austria

Nestled amongst the salt mountains surrounding this beautiful city, Salzburg is a breath of fresh air for European explorers. Ride a cable car up the Untersberg mountain for a spectacular, panoramic view of the region. Explore the local beer factory to discover how the world famous Stiegl beer is mad. Take a boat ride down the crystal clear waters of the Salzach river. Drink like a local in the HUGE Augustiner Brau. Salzburg has it all!





Budapest – Hungary

This fascinating city is another hotspot for backpackers exploring Europe, and it is easy to see why! Split by the Danube River, the ancient cities of Buda and Pest united in 1873 to form what is now the capital city of Hungary. Budapest is ranked as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and it is not hard to see why!




Sample the local Kurtoskalacs (a sweet, spiral shaped pastry), relax in the famous thermal baths and drink in the atmosphere of this electric city as the sun sets over the castle.



Bled – Slovenia

Another world famous spot (and a definite favourite of ours), is the incredible Lake Bled. If you enjoy unbelievable sunrises, stunning hikes, adrenaline filled activities and relaxing days by the water, then Bled has everything you need! Get back in touch with nature and give camping a shot at the Lake Bled campsite.





Amalfi – Italy

The cliffside retreat of Amalfi is a place that has to be seen to be believed. The buildings of this small town perch impossibly on the side of the rocky Italian coastline. Colourful and vibrant, the seaside town of Amalfi is always buzzing with atmosphere.




Grab a bite to eat and enjoy the beautiful architecture, culture and people that Amalfi hosts. Chill out as the sun sets and finish the day off with some of Amalfi’s famous Lemoncello!



Santorini – Greece

The volcanic outcrop in the middle of the Aegean sea makes up the most famous  of the Cyclades islands, the beautiful Santorini. Despite its tiny size, Santorini is one of the most fascinating places we have ever visited. This island has everything you will ever need; breathtaking natural beauty, spectacular architecture and fascinating history, all mixed together with an added dash of beautiful sunsets.




Despite its fame as a hotspot for luxury travel, Santorini is perfectly manageable on a budget. The most beautiful parts of the island are completely free!



Zurich – Switzerland

Famous for being one of the most expensive cities in the world, Zurich seems simply a pipe dream to many budget backpackers. However, a trip to this beautiful city does not need to cost you the world! With a huge number of budget and even FREE activities across the city centre, as well as budget accommodation, it is possible to experience the buzzing atmosphere of Zurich on as little as €40 per day!





Paris – France

City of love and capital of France, Paris is famous for its romance and beauty across the world. It is often thought that the romance and magic of the beautiful sights in this city are over-emphasised and exaggerated. Let me tell you something, they are absolutely not!




When I first laid eyes on the Eiffel Tower, my jaw almost broke my toes. Driving into Paris, the first thing you will see is the silhouette of the obelisk that is the tower, shadowing the city below. The same can be said for all of Paris’ many other attractions, each have to be seen in person to be believed.




Paris is a truly beautiful city with an incredible passionate and welcoming local population. If you visit just one place on this list, I would say this has to be it!

Paris, je t’aime.



So get booking your next trip to a cultural paradise. There is no time to lose!

Check out all of our guides to our favourite European destinations for budget hacks and guides to some of the most beautiful cities in the world. Also make sure you subscribe to our monthly newsletter for our best budget hacks straight to your mailbox!


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