If you’re looking for a cheap city break then Prague is the city for you. The capital city of Czech Republic hosts thousands of tourists every year to experience the Czech way of life. This city is known for its colourful baroque style buildings, cheap Czech beer and the amazing food that Prague has to offer! There are many tourist attractions in the city where you can learn all about the history of Prague.


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This is your Ultimate Guide to the Best Things to see in Prague, including Old Town Square, Charles Bridge and even a beer spa!


Best Things to See in Prague – Your Ultimate Guide


Before You Leave for Prague

Before you head on your European adventure to this beautiful city, here are a few things to get sorted before you go.


What to Pack for Prague

Depending on the season you are visiting, will depend on what clothes you bring. Prague tends to have warm summers and cold winters. A pair of comfortable shoes for walking around is a must as you will find yourself on your feet a lot as you wonder the cobbled streets. We would always recommend packing a layer as it is possible that the temperature will turn.

You can check out our packing lists for more inspiration on what to bring, here. 

When it comes to technology to bring, you won’t want to forget your camera. Prague is a very photogenic city and you’ll be photo snapping at every opportunity you can.

Check out what Travel Tech we bring on our adventures, here.



Best Travel Insurance for Prague

When travelling, travel insurance is a must if you want to avoid breaking the bank. The cost of buying travel insurance is not a fun thought, however, leaving your family with the cost of your medical bills is even worse. Make sure you get yourself some travel insurance and don’t take the risk.

We have found that World Nomads offers cheap and reliable travel insurance for our adventures.

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Where to stay in Prague

Luxury – The beautiful Park Inn Hotel is located near to all of the main sights in Prague. This hotel also has a rooftop gym and serves breakfast daily.

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Mid-Range – New Studio Apartment looks like a great place for a couple to stay in Prague. Equipped with a kitchen meaning you can save some money on eating out!

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Budget – Discounts Prague Hotel gives you the cheap prices without the noisy hostel dorm. A close walk into the city means you don’t need to spend more money on public transport, ideal!

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Best Things to See in Prague

The Czech Republic is awash with fascinating history, dating back thousands upon thousands of years. Myths and legends combine with facts in this beautiful country, telling wonderful tales of the rise and falls of ancient empires. In addition to the capital city, there are so many other beautiful cities and sights that are just a day trip from Prague that you need to check out.

This, however, is a list of all the sights you need to see before heading out from the beautiful city of Prague. Let’s get going!


Prague Free Walking Tour

Arriving in a new city can be a bit daunting if you don’t know where the city centre is, or what the best attractions are. We have found that a good place to start is with a free walking tour. There are normally many of these in every city and you can either pre-book online or turn up on the day.

Free Walking Tours are a great way to learn about the city and find out what the local thinks are the best attractions. They are also perfect for finding out where the cheapest places for food and drink, avoiding any tourist traps around the city. Once you’ve got your bearings of the city it makes it a lot easier to plan your trip.





Old Town Square

Old Town Square is surrounded by restaurants and bars. By day and by night it is crowded with tourists taking in the buzzing atmosphere. The Prague Astronomical Clock and the Hogwarts turrets of the Cerkev Marige building are cracking photo opportunities. However, this is definitely the area to avoid buying food and drink if you are on a budget, as it will be three times the price of going elsewhere.



Charles Bridge

Linking Prague Castle and Old Town Prague, is the historic Charles Bridge. Lined with markets, painters and tourists taking photographs, this bridge is possibly one of the busiest areas in Prague. It dates back to the 13th century and since that time has unfortunately suffered many disasters including a flood in 1342. This has since been restored and makes another stunning photo opportunity.





Prague Castle

Prague Castle is one of the city’s main attractions, dating back to the 9th century. Similar to the city of Prague itself, the castle has various architectural styles to the buildings. It is 50 CZK per person (which works out to be £1.73 or €1.94) and well worth a visit, even if you just climb up to take in the stunning panoramic views of the city from the top.



Prague Markets

There are two permanent markets outdoor markets in Prague and many weekly farmer or flea markets. All of these markets are perfect for a morning stroll, drinking in the atmosphere as the locals head off to work. At Easter and Christmas the number of markets soar, giving you plenty of choice of where to go.


Prague Markets



Swim in the River

The perfect way to cool off no matter where you are, is a swim in a river. We were lucky to be camping right on River Vltava which was perfect for a morning swim or an afternoon cool off. Some areas of the river even provide opportunities for kayaking or stand up paddleboarding if you’re brave enough!



Cheap Beer

Perhaps our favourite thing about the Czech Republic is that it is one of the cheapest countries in Europe to visit. If you’re a fan of beer then you might find that this is all you drink in Prague as it is cheaper by litre than any other drink, including water in some places. It is mainly sold in mass’ of 0.5l and 1L. Make sure you look out for happy hours as this will save you even more money!

Hany Bany was a favourite of ours, selling 1L for the same price as 0.5L between 3pm-4pm. In the GBP, this equates to just £1!! We were amazed and very, very happy. So happy that during a meet up with some friends, we ended up staying for 8 hours.. Oops!



Original Prague Beer Spa

This is hands down the best spa in Prague. As if the cheap beer isn’t good enough, the Original Prague Beer Spa is the best way to chill out at the end of your trip. Relaxing in a beer bath with unlimited beer on tap by your side, what better way to finish your trip.

We have dedicated a whole blog to this place as we loved it so much, Read all about the Original Prague Beer Spa, here.


Original Beer Spa



If we haven’t convinced you to visit Prague then I don’t know what else to say. We absolutely loved our time in this city and will definitely be taking a trip back. If you are heading here soon then buy us a drink and we will meet you there!


If you have already visited Prague, let us know what you thought about it in the comments below. Catch up with us on our social channels and say hey!


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  1. Joe Cairns

    I absolutely loved Prague – my new favourite city in Europe.

    The walking tours are great there as it is relatively flat so a great way to see so much of the city.

    I am going to have to try the beer spa next time too! And actually get to Prague Castle 🙂

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      Its one of our favourite cities as well, beautiful buildings, lovely people and cheap beer! The spa is highly recommended!

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      Thank you so much for the kind feedback! I hope you enjoy your visit!

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    I was just thinking about the markets in Prague a few days ago. Such a beautiful city! Great post! Thanks for sharing!

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