Best Bites in Amsterdam

When it comes to food, the Netherlands are famous for their Dutch pancakes, Stroopwaffles and (as our walking tour guide said) “all kinds of warming foods that you just throw together with mashed potato and spinach!”. Being budget backpackers we do enjoy a wee pre-made packed lunch sitting by the canal (we managed breakfast, 2 lunches, dinner, drinks and snacks for 13!), however we still do enjoy eating the local cuisine and treating ourselves with the money we’ve saved. During our stay here in Amsterdam we did just that! Here are our best bites in Amsterdam.






We were recommended to go to Bakers and Roasters to start your day of right. The menu looked so amazing, we decided to head for a brunch. However, apparently so did everybody else in Amsterdam.. I think to be in with the chance of getting a table you need to be there for it opening at 9am, as when we arrived it was a 2 hour wait for a table! We were far too hungry for that so we decided to try somewhere else.

As we were in the mood for pancakes, De Carrousel was google’s top recommendation and it did not disappoint! We both had a (very large) pancake with bacon and egg through it, costing us just 8. Very yum!


De Carrousel




When we read that there was a shop called Hummus Bistro there really was no discussion, we knew that’s where we were headed. For just 10, you can have a very large bowl of hummus with spices, topped with roasted chick peas and falafel balls, all served with pitta bread and a salad. It was worth every cent, even the salad was amazing and very unique.


Hummus Bistro




Located on Reguliersbreestraat is Burger Fabriek, where (during our last trip 3 years ago) was so good we ate here twice! We had planned to eat here again on this trip, however we ended up getting last minute tickets to Anne Frank House instead (that is another story). It looked very busy so I’m sure it’s still as good as it was and it was reasonably priced, around 10 for a burger.

There are many food options on Reguliersbreestraat if you are not in the mood for a burger. We ate at an Italian one night and got a really good pizza for 8, however Burger Fabriek would be our top recommendation.




World Famous Cookie

The best cookie maker in the world sits right in the heart of Amsterdam. This cookie is so good, apparently people are travelling to the city just to try it. The small bakery, Van Stapele, only sell one type of cookie and when they sell out for the day they close. At 1.95 per cookie it may seem overly expensive, however this was the best 1.95 we spent on the entire trip. Straight out the oven, a double chocolate chip with a melted white chocolate centre is any chocolate lovers dream, and boy we are still dreaming about it today!


Van Stapele



Traditional Bitterballen

We had read a lot of good things about Bitterballen so decided to give it a try at Bar Langendijk. This yummy dutch snack is a fried beef croquet, usually served with mustard and is the perfect snack to have alongside a Dutch beer.


Ice cream

On a hot day, who doesn’t love an ice cream, especially when you’re at the beach! (Yes Amsterdam has a beach). IJscuypje IJburg next to Strand Blijburg sells the most amazing ice cream, costing only 1.50 for a scoop! We tried the praline, apple and caramel, which was a tummy change to our usual budget, 50cent McDonalds whippy!

If your wanting somewhere to have a meal around this area, the Beach Pavilion looked like a beautiful café/restaurant. We went in to have a look around, however this is where we realised we’d left Campbell’s filter water bottle somewhere and had to backtrack our steps (again this is another story..).


Amsterdam can be expensive for food and drink but if you shop around and don’t sit in at a restaurant on a main square, then you should be able to enjoy your stay without breaking the bank.





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