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Loch Lomond RoadTrip


Situated just north-west of Glasgow is one of Scotland’s most famous landmarks, Loch Lomond. Along the banks of this loch you will find breath-taking views, incredible walks and a route directly into the vast wilderness of the West of Scotland. By hitching a bus from Glasgow city centre, you can be at the foot of this beautiful loch in an hour and a half, or if you are lucky enough to have a car, you can reach it in just an hour, high road or low!


Join us on a hike over on Loch Lomonds surrounding hills, with stunning views of the bonnie loch. Make sure you subscribe to our Youtube channel for more vidoes.


loch lomond
Loch Lomond Shores view up the loch

The Epic Road Trip

At the South-end of the loch is the Lomond Shores shopping centre, with a variety of shops and cafes for a pit stop with a view. Continuing on from there really requires a vehicle of your own, however it is definitely worth it! Before long you will hit the town of Luss, a hotspot for BBQs and scenic admirers. The pier offers fantastic views up and down the loch and has been a spot of contemplation for us on multiple occasions.


loch lomond
Still waters mean a peaceful night


The Hydrostation

Keep trekking the winding road, (which gets perilously tight at points so take care!) until you reach the hydro-station on the left and another pit stop on the right. Here you can wander through the small forest until you reach the waters edge for an unforgettable view down the loch. This is one of our favourite spots in the world, with hidden paths that lead out onto the perfect spot for a BBQ on a still night; nothing but the sound of lapping water and magical views as the sunsets.



Bridge of Orchy

By carrying on to the North end of the Loch you will find small pubs, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, and cosy campsites as the West Highland Way joins the road. North of here lies Bridge of Orchy, Glen Etive’s Kings house hotel and the humbling Buachaille Etive Mor. It is down the adjacent glen that James Bond’s Skyfall was filmed and has been a wild camping spot of my dad and I since I was a child.


loch lomond
Camping at Bridge of Orchy


If you are lucky you might have a chance to hand feed some wild deer who frequently stop in at the Kings House Hotel. On a sunny day with blue skies, the drive along the road is almost life changing. Definitely one of the most beautiful parts of the world I have seen.


loch lomond
Some company for our stay at Bridge of Orchy


Amongst Nature

We have been lucky enough to camp in this beautiful part of the world on a couple of occasions. Clear night skies and no one around gives a spectacular view of the stars and an eerily silent nights sleep. UNLESS you happen to go camping during rutting season…


loch lomond
The remote camping spot we found at Bridge of Orchy


In October 2015, Gemma and I decided to go camping for a weekend to Bridge of Orchy before the winter frosts came in. We were setting up the tents and could hear the very faint calls of stags in the distance. “Awesome” we thought, having heard about the wondrous shows of nature the rutting season brings, as stags fight for dominance.

That night our tone quickly changed! What started as a faint whisper of a call turned into a fog horn all through the night. I swear the deer were fighting within 10 meters of our tent, they may as well have stuck their heads in the tent they were so noisy! Sleepless night but amazing memories!



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